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H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 - Companies interested in a high efficiency fermentation technology demonstration are sought by an Italian biotech&engineering company

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An Italian biotech&engineering company specializing in fermentation systems and scale-up for biotech production, has developed a new fermentation bioreactor and technology allowing a large number of biotech products manufacturing. To carry out the prototype demonstration and complete and qualify the technology, the company is looking for producers and/or users of fermentation plants/processes working in the food, feed, pharma sectors, interested in research cooperation within a FTI project.



An Italian company with a deep expertise in fermentation systems, equipment and process technologies for biotech production, has developed a highly advanced fermentation technology that can allow for a very large number of products manufacturing.
The innovative technology is suitable to operate dynamic solid state fermentation and downstream operations under sterile conditions as well: downstream operations can be performed in the same bioreactor upon completion of the fermentation processes, so avoiding additional transfer to other equipment with the related contamination risks.
Furthermore the solid state process does not cause wastewater to be treated, so saving treatment plant and its operation costs.
The dynamic solid state fermentation bioreactor and technology can be a solution fitting for many manufacturing sectors, such as food, feed, biotech, pharma, agro-active ingredient (AI) or final products as well. The technology can be particularly useful to get fungi viable spores in large quantity, yeast viable cells, probiotics and prebiotics and secondary methabolites or enzymes ready fixed on solid dry granules or powders, etc.
Process steps, production cycle time and contamination risk can be drastically reduced in the bioreactor unit.
The proprietary hardware and software of the solid state fermentation bioreactor can allow full control of the key process conditions. It includes Wi-Fi for mobile parts connectivity to PLC. All process data can be accurately tracked and recorded for full product traceability.
The new technology equipment and process is protected by an international patent.
The Italian biotech&engineering company is interested in the prototype demonstration within operational environment in many possible different fields, to get a complete and qualified technology in each one. With this aim, the company intends to set up a consortium of partners which, in addition to the same company, should also include:
- producers of manufacturing plants in the food, feed, pharma, agro-active ingredient sectors, interested in checking the possibilities of adapting the innovative solid state fermentation bioreactor and technology to their own requirements and integrating it in their process equipment,
- manufacturers of food, feed, pharma, agro-active ingredients and/or finished products, interested in experimenting with the use of new technology and finalizing experimentation to their specific needs.
Within the FTI project, the engineering company will make available its pilot prototype built in its laboratory and the technical skills acquired in the field of solid state fermentation technologies and industrial plant design. The Italian company will give its contribute to the preparation of the project, but it’s not interested in managing the project as coordinator.
The planned project duration is assumed to be 18 months, but the engineering company is available to adapt to any different needs of the partners.
The EOI deadline is on the 30th September, since the Italian company intends to apply the call H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 with deadline on the 27th October 2020.

Advantages & innovations

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The main advantages and innovations of the solid state fermentation bioreactor and technology are the following: • wide range of application; • minimum manpower requirement; • high yields; • no transfer to other equipment for recovery and formulation required; • no wastewater to be treated; • most biotech processes can be performed. The innovative biorector is featured by: • easy loading and un-loading; • possibility of local and remote control; • easy to use software; • easy operation and maintenance in any geography.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The Italian company aim is to demonstrate the fermentation prototype within operational environment and obtain the technology completion and qualification within a FTI project. The sought project partners are: - producers of manufacturing plants in the food, feed, pharma, agro-active ingredients sectors: they will have the opportunity to adapt the innovative fermentation technology to their own requirements, and integrate it in their process equipment; - manufacturers of food, feed, pharma, agro-active ingredient products: they’ll be able to experiment the new technology use and finalize experimentation to their specific needs. One of the sought partner should be the coordinator of the project: for this role, a previous experience in coordinating European projects is requested.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250