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Heavy duty corrosion resistant galvanic hybrid zinc coating

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A Bulgarian academic research organisation with experience in R&D in the field of organic chemistry, corrosion and electrochemistry has developed hybrid zinc coatings of significantly superior corrosion resistance to standard coatings. The unit is looking to reach commercial agreements with technical assistance with interested companies for the implementation of the technology and research cooperation agreements with potential partners.



An academic research institution from Bulgaria, with a strong background in organic chemistry and interdisciplinary research, has developed heavy duty hybrid zinc coatings of significantly superior corrosion resistance to standard coatings.

Zinc coatings contain galvanic deposits of polyaniline nanoparticles, where the polyaniline is deposited concomitantly with the zinc in standard galvanic baths. The presence of polyaniline, which alone is a potent corrosion inhibitor itself, leads to a significant increase in the corrosion resistance of the coatings. For example, in 5% NaCl in water solution a standard zinc coating is destroyed within 25 days, while the hybrid coating endures more than 65 days. Despite its organic nature, polyaniline is resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation, and the presence of polyaniline particles in the hybrid zinc coatings has no adverse impact on its mechanical properties.

A novel method for producing such coating was developed, allowing one-step process of obtaining the hybrid coating. Suitably formulated polyaniline is added to a slightly acidic electrolyte for zinc deposition, which allows the organic particles to be deposited simultaneously with the zinc, with the process run in a standard galvanic bath, without additional equipment required.

The team is looking for international partners in order to disseminate and/or improve the developed solution. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought under which acquisition (transfer) of the composition of the proposed electrolyte for the galvanic deposition of the hybrid coatings, and the detailed technical parameters, included in this know-how is envisaged, supported by technical consultancy by the developer for its efficient use. It is also possible to conclude other types of contracts depending on the need of the potential partner and the negotiations, e.g. research cooperation agreement.

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The proposed anti-corrosion hybrid zinc coatings have the following advantages: - Their corrosion resistance is higher than that of conventional galvanic zinc coating; - They are obtained in a single-step technological process, using the same equipment and facilities as conventional coatings; - No additional purification of the worked out electrolytes are needed, because polyaniline precipitates upon neutralisation of the media; - Although they contain an organic component, the coatings are resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation.

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Under development/lab tested

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- Type of partner sought: the team is looking for industrial and R&D companies in the field of anticorrosion galvanic coating; - Task to be performed: commercial agreement with technical assistance for acquiring the know-how accompanied by offering the necessary technical support for its efficient use and research cooperation agreements with companies for for joint projects related to the validation in industrial conditions and the applications of the technology.

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