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High safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology and products

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An Italian SME has developed an high safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology. The final product is a camper, built up with the same aerospace techniques applied (fibre-foil and resin infiltration) using high strength materials, such us carbon and aramid high strength fibres. The Italian design is applied on German pick-up or commercial van. The SME is looking for marketing and commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly in Europe and extra-UE



The SME has more than 20 year of experience in polymeric composites automotive components manufacturing techniques.
The company approach is based on the development of company knowledge and methodologies coming from many years of experience and research in manufacture of polymeric matrix composites reinforced with many different fibres.
The last technology involves the use of kevlar and carbon high strength fibre in order to obtain the best camper monocoque structure stiffness.
The result is a very light camper-structure: weight saving higher than 20% with respect to the traditional non-monocoque
camper structure.
Moreover, all the inner space can be adapted and design under customer drawing and technical requirements. The living zone of the motorised-camper is obtained in a monocoque cellular structure able to sustain all the service on the road torsional and fatigue stresses with the results of a more stable and without aging effects (such us micro-fissurisations debonding and panel detachments typically encountered in other commercial products)
In few words the SME need the pick-up and or the commercial van in order to start the manufacture of the living module that is fixed and structurally assured to the van or pick-up body (caisson). The SME can develop customised volume distributions or camper “shapes”. The level of the fixtures, hydraulic and electric plants are designed and in house certified for the public traffic. The SME is already engaged in international collaboration and is able to sell its products mainly in Germany and Europe.
The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance and marketing collaboration for opening new potential markets, to develop a second generation of campers of small medium dimensions to be designed with ad-hoc solutions to be integrate it in different van-body contests.
The preferred partners are:
- companies (public and/or private) for marketing and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The SME has developed a new approach to manufacture high quality camper living modules using the same close cell technology already adopted in aerospace constructions. The camper-living space is obtained by mean of a monocoque block with high torsional stiffness. This fact permits to obtain higher resistance, less vibrations, higher comfort to the noise during the travels. Moreover, the used of high strength fibres such us carbon-tapes and Kevlar fibres permits to reduce the total weight of the final structure with higher stiffness, less vibrations and improved confort during driving. All the inner space can be designed on custom requirements and tailored for any kind of customers. The technique is particularly advantageous for the mini-camper that are built of the body of commercial pick-up vehicle. In this case the cell is really very simple to be mounted and dismounted for the pick-up itself, permitting to have a car at disposal. The company intend to offer its design capability and innovative camper manufacturing technology for selling its products.

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The partners sought for are companies (public and/or private) for commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly in Europe and extra-UE. The partners should provide to the company all information about its product/service, clients, certification needs in order the company to set up a customised camper line and design. The SME has already experience of market-niches of tailored products they decided to expand.