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High-tec technical textiles with 3D prints, coatings and haptic feedback is offered

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Ceramic Materials and Powders
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A German SME offers high tech technical textiles with haptic prints and coatings. A wide range of functionalities can be integrated as well as haptic feedback. The SME is looking for industrial partners or project development companies in Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, in order to envisage a technical cooperation for the development of new materials or commercial agreements with technical assistance or licence agreements for existing products with individual adaption.



The German textile SME was founded in 1974 and is family-owned in the second generation with approx. 20 employees. The company has its origin in the textile printing sector, mostly for garment industry. Here, the SME has a dominant position in screen-, roller- and rotary printing techniques, as well as sublimation-, thermal transfer- and flock printing and graphics.
The technical textiles business segment arose later. During the last decade activities, investments and projects were intensified strongly in this field. Today the company has achieved to have a well-known reputation in the automotive sector, especially to automobile supplier industry of the premium segment. But also in the protective equipment. Their core competence is the in-house developed and patented ceramic hard coating technology. It not only offers visual effects, but also tactile haptics. Haptic structures can be applied to various surfaces, with different functionalities and material properties. As example for the application, gloves in protective equipment with cutting protection through this technology, are being produced. The following properties can be offered with this technology:
- 3D hard coating (high-performance coating), micro-armouring
- Surface protection for sensitive materials
- Special technical optics
- Anti-bacterial
- Dirt-repellent
- Flame-retardant
- Microcirculation
- Soft coating
- Electrical conductivity
- Heating
- Shining, luminescent
- Easy to clean, robust and durable
- Economical, ergonomic, adaptable

Business segments such as smart mobility, utility vehicles, protective equipment and furniture industry already benefit from the new potentials of high performance materials.

Other examples of the application fields are:
- Vehicle interiors, car doors
- Seat covers and upholstery
- Visual design of functional areas
- Interior designs such as wall coverings
- Imitation leather surfaces
- Geotextiles
- Automotive, buses and trains
- Trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, forklifts
- Hybrid composite materials
- Multifunctional office textiles
- Leisure, sport and outdoor textiles
- Electromobility
- Textile and construction materials
- Technical lightweight systems

The company is looking for partner who want to develop new surfaces with special requirements.

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Innovative is that a wide range of functionalities can be combined with 3D coatings in many different designs. Also tactile haptics with haptic feedback such as expansion and contraction are possible. An example could be that a switch behind the textile is controled via the tactile feedback. By touching the textile, the haptic changes and e.g. the music is turned on. There are very few competitors offering this kind of coating and specifity.

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Already on the market

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Type of Partner: industrial partner or project development Role of the Partner: the partner could be an automotive supplier or other company in need of high tec materials. Or project development company with specific requirements on technical textiles or other surfaces; Type of partnership: the company is open to different kinds of partnerships, such as technical cooperation agreements for the development of new materials; or commercial agreement with technical assistance for existing material which hast to be adapted to the partners needs. Also license agreements for existing products are possible.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland