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High tech microrobotic systems and automation of precision assembly for high speed production : partner sought in micro-electronics industry (MEMs, microsystems) and photonics for technical ccoperation

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Automation, Robotics Control Systems
Machine Tools
Microengineering and nanoengineering
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French SME has developed innovative technologies enabling the development of high tech custom made robotic systems for automation of precision handling and assembly. It is looking for technical cooperation with companies that specialise in micro-electronics, microsystems, micro-photonics and MEMs industry and willing to bring automation in the process of micro-assembly.



The company has developed different robotic systems able to assemble a full range of very small components from 5 µm to 3 mm with a large set of materials : silicon, glass, metal, polymer...

In precision industry, as quantities increase, manual assembly operations become critical because operator attention can't be maintained a whole day. Automation brings precision, repeatability, and 100 % checking, 24 h/24 h.

The company is able to design and manufacture high quality custom made robotic systems for mass production. An original flexible architecture enables to reuse each developments from proof of concept, pilot run until final version for production.

These robotic systems are based on 4 different core technologies :
- smart manipulation by using grippers or tweezers with ultrasensible force sensors to avoid the damage of the manipulated parts and provide haptic feedback,
- vision technology with high depth of field for automated calibrations, 3D modelling and placement,
- high precision robots combining accuracy and high speed rate,
- in house software : specific architecture designed for flexibility and modularity of robotic systems.

The company keeps its technology up-to-date and is always screening new possibilities to add functionalities in the automatised process.

These tasks are numerous, it can be cutting, sticking, soldering, liquid dispensing, measurements of dimensions, force, temperature...

A totally new approach is offered helping companies to reach new industry challenges (4.0 Industry) by managing parts thanks to RFID tags, and monitoring production from a mobile phone for instance.

The French company is a spin-off of a world known research institute and sourced from a internationally microrobotics team. It is now growing and has its first machines running in industrial environment. The SME is now willing to cooperate with new industrial partners willing to automatise the unrewarded, but difficult part of the work.

Ideally the targeted companies are in the precision sector as micro-electronics : microsystems, MEMs (microelectromechanical systems), micro-photonics. It also addresses the needs of companies that want to rethink their automation process or to relocate in Europe their manufacturing capacities.

Advantages & innovations

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- Microgrippers with sensors able to grasp and feel components of few microns, - High depth of field vision capabilities, - High precision and high speed at same time, - Flexible mechanical and software architecture to capitalize development from proof of concept to production, - Reusability of equipment on several projects, - Reduction of costs and increased quality.

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Available for demonstration

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Industrial partners are sought : any company that deals with micromanipulation, micro-assembly or high precision tasks to manufacture miniaturised products. Specific area of the partners sought : Industrial partners with manufacturing processes : electronics, microsystems, MEMs and photonics, ideally big or high tech SMEs Role of the partner: Automation part of the industrial process having to manage complex assembly operations, willing to be more competitive, and wanting to solve challenges in the automation process suh as manipulating very fragile and costly objects or realising operations that would not have been possible before.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500