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A highly innovative, UK drone and unmanned aircraft airspace management solution provider seeks US partner to collaborate under a commercial agency agreement

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This innovative UK business has developed a highly functional, fast and accessible airspace management SaaS solution for drone and unmanned aircraft operators with a commercial model that incentivises investment in sensors. They are seeking a North American (USA or Canada) based IOT sensor distributor or an unmanned aircraft operator as their business partner to collaborate under a commercial agency agreement.



This UK business, established in 2019, has developed an innovative, SaaS based, unique airspace management solution for drone and unmanned aircraft operators that is generating significant interest in the industry. The problem they solve is that unlike commercial aircraft, currently drones do not have high integrity sensors or access to any air traffic control services to ensure separation when in flight.

With rapidly increasing numbers of pilotless flights across the world and increasing demand for drone deliveries, effective, real time airspace management is becoming a critical requirement for all operators. This UK business has successfully trialled their solution and has proven that using 5G mobile networks will simply not meet the requirement to provide a real time, reliable solution at all the required altitudes. They have signed their first contract and their business is growing rapidly.

They see the North American market as a significant opportunity for a business partner who understands the unmanned aircraft market and who would like to sell their leading edge unmanned aircraft management solution under a commercial agency agreement.

The solution is faster and more robust than any competitor and importantly their commercial model is specifically designed to stimulate investment in IOT sensors by sharing revenues with sensor providers so providing a better return on investment which has generated significant interest in the UK.

Advantages & innovations

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- High functional 4th generation, distributed ledger technology (blockchain) SaaS solution with extensive reporting and dashboard options. - Faster and more robust than any competitor which makes real time management and risk management possible - Standard API's enabling easy integration with operators meaning low cost and rapid deployment. - Incentives (revenue share) for sensor providers

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A manufacturer or distributor of IOT sensors or an unmanned aircraft operator who understands the commercial drone and unmanned aircraft market in the US and Canada and who wants to be the business partner for this leading edge, drone and unmanned aircraft management solution.

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Already on the market

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A North American ( USA or Canada) based IOT sensor manufacturer or distributor, or, an autonomous aircraft operator to be their business partner under a commercial agency agreement. The partner would be expected to follow up any North American enquiries received by the UK company, to support the launch of their airspace management solution across North America and be prepared to invest in marketing/business development.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Canada, USA