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Hungarian borosilicate glass bottle producer of drinks and for unique events such as marriages and birthdays seeks distributors

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A Hungary-based borosilicate ornament glass producer specialized in handcrafted, custom-made wine-decanters, gin/whisky bottles and champagne glasses is seeking distributor agreements. Their aim is to establish partnership with distributors who will sell and market their products for end-users. They are also very interested in manufacturing for companies that are processing beverages or are selling bottle figurines for special occasions, such as wine-tastings or birthdays.



The Hungarian start-up company comprised of former glass-makers who have been working in the field of glass-making for more than twenty years. Their products are hand-made glass decanters and beverage holders – such as gin and whisky bottles – that are sealed with corks. The design of the glasses varies from fruits – such as grapes, pears, plums – to vehicles, champagne glasses or even swords or guns to fit the customer’s needs.
Hand-crafting design enables the glass-making team to insert a required brand or logo into the glass. Naturally, this means that custom design is also available which can be glasses or figurines for weddings, birthdays or wine/drink-tasting festivals.
After having been used, the glasses and decanters do not get obsolete as they can be either washed by hand and used again or a great decoration for the interior of a room.
Their base in Hungary offers competitive pricing that will be a great advantage for their distributors as well. They are flexible and can quickly accommodate to new needs and requirements regarding the products. Years of experience of the company's team ensures a constant high quality and satisfied customers.
The concept of their business is to blend the pleasure of drinking and high-class decoration.
Partners who are interested in becoming distributors, wholesalers or in working with the Hungarian company to produce their products are welcomed to discuss further details.

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- All products are made from durable and heat-treated borosilicate glass that comes from Germany and the Czech Republic. This allows the material to be highly durable and hold its shining appearance through years. - The bottles are sealed with corks or silicone plug and are reusable. - The decanters come in different sizes and shapes, allowing for some products to be filled with three different drinks. - The hand-made design allows for different figures of different colours within the bottle itself, such as a hunter dressed in green with his/her brown dog. The colours can be changed according to the taste or requirement of the client. - The volume of the glasses is as follows: 100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml. - Hand-made design allows for labelling

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Partners sought are distributors, wholesalers and drink processors that will introduce and resell the company's products on the market. The SME wishes to establish a long-term partnership where they handle the initial promotion of the products in the initial introduction phase. Partners should stay in touch with the end-user and offer customer service about the company's products for them.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500