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Hungarian company offers its services to manufacture, modernize or renovate upholstered furniture under subcontracting agreement

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Furnishing and Furniture
Manufacture of office and shop furniture
Manufacture of other furniture
Repair of furniture and home furnishings


The Hungarian company is active in the furniture industry and specialized itself to manufacture upholstered furniture particularly renovating or modernizing used or antique-styled furniture. The company offers to manufacture, modernize or renovate upholstered chairs, sofas, beds or any other kind of upholstery products. The firm would like to establish long-term cooperation under subcontracting agreement.



The SME from North-East Hungary has been in the business since 2015 when it changed from private entrepreneurs. The staff of the company has experience in each levels of upholstery, and they are working with craft-technology to renew the incoming furniture - antic or modern alike. The company is offering to manufacture classical and modern style furniture and to renovate or modify used and old ones. They can change upholstery add new decorative elements based by theirs client’s request.
The firm is offering chairs, canapes, couches made for personal project in small or in bigger series. (hotels, restaurants, designers etc.)
In addition to high-quality materials and environmentally sustainable products the company provides its clients with prompt delivery and the option of ordering custom-made. The SME is operated as well in Hungary therefore now it would like to extend its well-tried homeland services to abroad.
The company is looking for a partners - interior decorator, antique shops, furniture shops, supplier of the HORECA sector - to sign subcontracting services agreement.
As the firm manufactures individualized products, and the contractors have to ready to be heavily involved in the whole production or renovation process. The SME is expected interactive communication with the costumers to select type of furniture, colour and patterns of fabric etc., to preparing design, or it need the costumers’ designs with complete specification of products. Based on this cooperation the company sign the agreement, before starting work.

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- over 10 years of experience in the upholstery industry - making ageless furniture using modern materials - using only certified materials - highly qualified staff - production according to individual orders - custom-made products - favorable prices, excellent craftsmanship, relatively low labor costs in North-Eastern part of Hungary

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Subcontracting Type of Partner Sought: interior decorator, antique shops, furniture shops, supplier of the HORECA sector. Role of Partner Sought: The SME needs the plans of the required product for the manufacturing. When a partner will have accepted a final plan, after the order, it would be necessary to stay in continuous communication with the producer until the end of the manufacturing.




Custom manifactured crib


Renovated dining chairs


Costume manufactured sofa