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Hungarian IT company is offering its services and free capacity in the field of applications for mobile devices and web development

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The Hungarian IT company provides top quality solutions in the fields of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and web developments. Either simple and cheap, or complex, fast, and reliable systems, it turns its partners' ideas into reality, and makes them client friendly, too. It is looking for partners from the EU countries, the USA, Norway and Switzerland for subcontracting, commercial agency and outsourcing agreements.



The Hungarian IT company was founded in 2009. Originally, its main profile was augmented reality applications development and web development; however, as time passed, three further micro-enterprises were established in the framework of this family business. Since smart phones became widespread, the company has paid more and more attention to developments related to augmented and virtual reality, which resulted in having the predominant part of its current income earned in these fields of the market. Now the company is looking for subcontracting and outsourcing agreements and would like to find commercial representatives for its services in the territory of the EU, Switzerland, Norway and the USA. As the company mainly does project based works, in addition to outsourcing, it is also looking for subcontract based cooperation. Beside outsourcing and subcontracting, working with agencies is also a very effective way of cooperation as it offers a variety of interesting projects with using the best technological solutions.

The company is constantly expanding and evolving, thanks to its increasing visibility and the enhanced number of orders coming from abroad. 2016 was an exciting year for the firm. It got a brand new image, moved into a bigger office, and both the marketing and the developer teams got new members, while the management got the portfolio optimized, focusing on augmented reality, virtual reality and web developments. The top priority of the year 2017 was developing own products, as well as taking more deliberate steps towards entering the international market. In 2019 the company celebrated 10 years anniversary of its foundation. The number of contractors, coworkers are constantly increasing.

The company's strengths are:
1) Augmented Reality (AR)
The company develops interactive, exciting apps for smart phones, tablets and desktops. It gets orders mainly with promotional purposes, thus its greatest experience is related to this. It takes 1 or 2 weeks for the company to prepare simple applications, and it is ready to realize complex ideas as well. The completed applications, which are written in the most common programming languages (Unity, C++), go through a full testing process, thanks to the wide range of IT equipment the firm has.

2.) Virtual Reality (VR)
The newest VR apps are able to generate emotions, enhance the in-game experience and they can even be used for therapeutic purposes. The technology offers numerous possibilities in education and entertainment, moreover, useful developments can be realized in marketing and product promotion, too. The company is continuously adjusting to the change of technologies and devices and trying to satisfy the needs of its clients by developing apps for the most modern tools available.

3.) Web development
The company (and its predecessor company) has been designing and developing websites in Joomla, WordPress and unique frameworks for more than 10 years.
Its clients can choose between template-designed, cost-effective, yet custom tailored solutions and self-designed graphics, in respect to their budget and ideas. The firm's websites are responsive and comfortable to use on mobiles, tablets, and desktops as well.
Its websites, promotional microsites, branding sites, portals and web-based client applications have got user-friendly administrational surfaces and fashionable, up-to-date designs.

4.) Webshops
With its custom-developed webshop system the company offers possibilities for start-up enterprises too, even for launching a webshop without any fees. Its customers pay only for the functions that they use, as the system has a well-designed modular structure.
In addition to this system, the company develops webshops in WordPress and Joomla frameworks as well. It recommends this solution in the case of rather complex needs.

The company has many references at big and known companies like PICK, Erste Bank, Wizzair, Libresse, Purina, Epson etc.

Advantages & innovations

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- greatest strength is AR as it has been dealing with this technology since it first appeared on the market (e.g. funny and surprising apps, mainly with promotional purposes). - Thanks to the rapid technological progress many promising, innovative ideas are born related to VR headsets. The company aims to spread the technology in the fields of entertainment, knowledge dissemination and education. - websites, promotional microsites, branding sites, webshops, portals, web-based client apps, backend development, optimization and web-mobile APIs: providing a fully comprehensive service with fast, reliable systems, either with custom developments or developments based on frameworks. - Appearing on mobile platforms: the company's Android and iOS developers work both with single and cross-platforms in accordance with customers' needs. They are with the client from the user experience and interface design, through the specification to the multi-device testing. Having Google Play and App Store accounts, the firm can do the upload as well. - Unique softwares: it designs complicated databases, optimize their speed and make the backend-interface more user-friendly. References: hotel supply managing system, admin interface for exhibitions, online game, real estate managing module and backend development for the UEFA Euro 2016 etc. - assist to customers in the design, preparation and documentation of prototypes/custom hardware and in the selection of the necessary tools. It has already made a wall switch with Bluetooth module, a heat-pulse-perspiration measuring watch, a vibrometer and a wind generator. - working with latest, modern technologies in order to offer their clients the most suitable technology solution that is currently available on the market - more than 10 years of experiences in online and virtual promotions ensures to find the most effective solution for the partner - precise work without faults - client-based approach in the company’s philosophy

Partner sought

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Outsourcing: The foreign partner is looking for a company with free capacity to which it could outsource a part of its activities in the fields like 3D modelling, programming, front-end development etc. Commercial representatives: it is looking for sales partners, who are promoting or selling its services in their homeland or building their company exactly based on this, or just expanding their portfolio. The company's services have a good value for money on the international market, thus the amount of the realized profit at the end of each project depends only on its sales partner. It is looking for marketing agencies, who are willing to recommend new, innovative ideas and fashionable technologies to their clients and are in need of stable, reliable, and flexible developer partners, who not only write codes, but also provide ideas and professional advice. It would also like to offer its partnership to enterprises specialized in search engine optimization in order to promote each other's services. It introduces the partner to its clients who are interested in SEO (search engine optimization) services, while it would offer its services to the partner's clients, in case the partner does not have the capacity for developing websites or webshops. Subcontracting: the foreign company is looking for companies dealing with augmented or virtual reality that would like to enhance their capacity by having sub-contractors either in app development or 3D modeling; companies that would like to have a cooperation with a firm, which does not only develop, but also takes part in the brainstorming and the preparations of the specification as well.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250


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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland


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