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Hungarian manufacturer of unique burial smart device and software is looking for commercial agency and franchise partners

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The Hungarian company is active in the IT sector and offers a truly special and personal way to keep the memories of deceased loved ones alive. The smartphone readable device that can be attached to the tombstones helps people to cope with grief by uploading pictures, poems, lighting virtual candles on the online memorial site. The company is looking for agents and franchise partners to sell the special funerary product.



The Hungarian IT company was founded 2014 and created their remarkable product and software as they believe that it is an important task to preserve, cherish and value the memories of deceased loved ones and to pass on their memory to the next generations. With their unique smart device, the past and history will be available to descendants, which is a priceless value.
The memorial website is easy to use, photos and videos can be uploaded of the person who has passed away; the burial stone tool must be attached to the gravestone. With the help of a smartphone everyone can attain and view the memories uploaded to the profile of the deceased. Therefore photos and videos will be there to tell the story of loved ones.
The product also offers the opportunity to virtually find the tombstones of deceased family members, old friends and even relatives who used to live abroad.
In addition to the many uploaded memories, virtual candles can be lit to show love and remembrance.
The SME is seeking to establish commercial agency and franchise agency agreements with foreign partners all over the world. Commercial agents are sought to help the Hungarian company to have its products on other nations' markets as well.
The Hungarian company is also looking for franchise partners in order sell the special funerary product under the Hungarian company's brand.

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The unique burial tool and website are easy to use on any smart device. The system recognizes the GPS coordinates of the tombs through the photos on the memorial site. The special stone that needs to be attached to the tombstone is made from the highest quality, traditional Hungarian porcelain that is able to resist even the most extreme weather conditions. The stone has a built-in chip; by touching an NFC-enabled mobile phone or tablet to the stone, the personalized memorial page will open automatically. The stone can be attached to granite, artificial stone, wood, or any other material with the proper adhesive. It has a 21 carat gold lining and matte black finish.

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The company offers its products for commercial agents that have business connections with different types of burial organizations and are able to sell the products on the local, regional, national markets in the framework of commerical agency agreement. The SME wishes to establish partnerships in the frame of franchise agency agreements as well with foreign partners who are willing to provide and sell the unique products under the Hungarian business' name.


The smart device can be easily attached to the tombstone as it is shown in the picture.


The smart device in its original box.