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An Italian company located in North-Eastern Italy produces and commercializes ice-cream and frozen desserts such as frozen cakes and frozen krapfens (doughnuts). For all its products the company uses natural ingredients and certified high-quality raw materials, that are combined with the company's artisan passion. The company is looking for distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements in European countries. Potential partners are required to manage the cold chain.



Since 1933 the Italian company has been producing high-quality ice-cream and frozen desserts, such as frozen cakes and frozen krapfens (doughnuts).
By using certified natural ingredients, high-quality raw materials, and craft competencies the company has always been able to offer specialty products that are sold through the large-scale retail trade (or mass market retailers) and Foodservice channels.
The core business is represented by the ice-cream production, made by using 100% high-quality milk coming from Eastern Italian Alps (the Dolomites). Fresh fruits are used instead of prepared powder mixtures. The company produces a wide range of more than 40 ice-cream flavours, which can also be customized according to the client's needs with the creation of new flavours.
Frozen krapfens and cakes are also produced according to the artisan recipe. Traditional regional recipes as well as worldwide well-known desserts are part of the company's portfolio.
As for packaging, both ice-cream and frozen desserts are sold in different portion sizes and packages; if the client is not satisfied with the company's packages, both their weight and design can be customized, too.
Before being packaged, these desserts pass through a cooling process of abatement whereby the products are kept and stored at -30 Celsius degrees. All products must be continously kept inside the cold chain from the stage of production to the local distribution.
The company is willing to establish a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement in European countries. Potential partners are required to work in the frozen food sector and to manage the cold chain. They can serve either the large scale retail trade or Foodservice clients.

Advantages & innovations

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Ice-creams are all gluten-freeand preservative-free, and do not contain artificial colourings and flavourings. Recently, the company has developed a new lactose-free ice-cream line that is having great success. The company uses only the best natural raw materials and gives particular attention to the selection of milk, by using only the local one (0 kilometres), which is well-known for its pureness. Furthermore, the company uses exclusively fresh fruits to prepare the great selection of ice-cream, which range from fruity to creamy flavors. No prepared powder mixtures are used. For the whole production the company guarantees high level of personalization in flavours, packaging, weights and portions. The company has obtained one international quality certification system (ISO9001) and the most required certifications for large scale retail trade channel, such as IFS.

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Already on the market

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The company would like to establish a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement whereby the partner presents and distributes its products on foreign markets. It is very important that the potential distributor already deals with frozen and chilled products and with the cold chain. The partner, that could be both a distributor or an agent of food products, should already have an existing sales network in the targeted countries and should know very well the markets' needs. Furthermore, the agent or distributor should present and/or distribute the company's products on foreign markets; both through the large scale retail trade and through Foodservice channels. In case of distribution services agreement, the distributor should be a company working in the frozen food sector and is asked to buy, import and distribute the company's products on the targeted markets. In case of commercial agency agreement, the agent is asked to promote and facilitate the penetration of the company's products into foreign markets and to increase the clients' awareness of the products mentioned.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland