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An Indian tutoring brand is looking for distribution partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreement

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The company is an established brand in India for online assessments and classroom training. Their tutors are trained and qualified to teach according to any national or international curriculum and are supported by a team of experts on pedagogy and academics. The company is looking for commercial agency and distribution partners for their services in various countries.



Set up in the year 2002 the Indian company has established a brand in India for online assessments and classroom training. The company has been offering tutoring services in mathematics for 7 to 11 years olds for more than 10 years. The teaching experience so far includes teaching on US and UK curriculum. Their resources are qualified and trained to teach according to any curriculum. They have a team of experts on pedagogy and academics who ensures that the students get the best learning experience. The company is already offering its services in US and UK and approx. 90 tutors are engaged in training over 1700 students in the United Kingdom.

All their tutors go through training on spoken communication and cultural appropriateness, tutoring techniques and technology and safe guarding before they start taking sessions.

Special emphasis is also laid on the factor that their tutors should be able to respond to the unique needs of every student to ensure maximum learning.

The company also has a strict quality control process in place where they constantly analyse and review the sessions to identify training needs and scope of improvement.

Their tutoring is done on a whiteboard with the aid of power-point slides in a one to one format. Students and tutors are logged on from their respective computers and tutoring is done through the whiteboard technology. Students and tutors can talk to each other through computer based calling and interact with each other through an interactive white board, which also has a provision of communication through chat.

Their capacity is ready to cater to over 400 sessions in a day. Their tutors are recruited from the abundant number of engineering graduates in India after a thorough screening for communication skills and subject matter knowledge. Their tutors have to pass through a background check by Indian Police following which a clearance certificate is submitted

Their tutors receive training on tutoring principles, safeguarding, communication and culture orientation of the country of origin of the students. Apart from that they go through a regular professional development training.

There is a continuous quality monitoring system where an academic supervisor samples the session of each tutor and identifies training needs. The academic team works in close coordination with the execution team of the client.

The company’s tutoring Infrastructure consists of:
- a reliable internet line with equivalent backup
- uninterrupted power supply with back up
- latest networking equipments and processes for a seamless session experience.

The company has dedicated operations team with session admin for real time trouble shooting. Back up tutors cater to last minute adjustments

The company is looking for re-sellers and distribution partners for their services in European and other countries and offering their services through commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

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- the company provides flexibility to book session slot according to student's time preference. - same tutor on the same day for the period of booking is made available - as per evaluation have always exceeded client expectation - proven track record of delivering satisfactory sessions. Their students have shown improvement of two sub levels in a term and have secured high scores in SAT exam. - the company is equipped with reliable infrastructure, human resources with backup with near zero downtime : - the company offers tutor matching with students' requirements. Provide personalised service. - an established brand in India for online assessments and classroom training with experience ranging from K-12 to college and job placement tests.

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Type : Re-sellers and distributors already serving training/coaching industry. Role : Offering services of company through commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250