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Innovative code-free and corporate-wide technological platform for digital transformation process of any type of company

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A Spanish ICT company has developed a disruptive technology for the digital transformation of any company from any sector. It is a management platform designed to re-conceive any enterprise as a whole taking into account clients, employees, technologies and processes. The platform is based on semantic engineering and is no-code, universal and quickly scalable. The company is looking for license agreements.



Nowadays, the society is built on data and processes and the companies are digitalizing their business models in a massive way but, the conventional technologies are becoming a problem due to some issues: the high rate of technical and functional failure, obsolescence, rigidity and fragility of code and the lack of fitness of this type of technologies.

In this context, Spanish company has created a new class of technology based on horizontal technological platforms for digital transformation at corporate level, helping companies of any size to move forward. This platform is no-code, universal and quickly scalable based on semantic engineering. This is a disrupting technology where a semantic engine interprets linguistic concepts (structured as a model), converts human concepts into simple models, and then the technology executes these models all by itself and generates a platform from them.

The platform is the key technology to solve these three challenges:
Challenge 1 – Development of new digital business models.
Companies have to redefine their products, services and go-to-market strategy using the new technical means: web, mobile, IoT, bots, digital devices, and a new definition of stakeholders, conversations and value-added chains.

Challenge 2 – Process integration and automation.
The new economy requires fast, integrated, reliable, transversal business processes, with a strong degree of automation and relation with all stakeholders, whether customers, employees, suppliers, logistics, etc.

Challenge 3 – Embedding of legacy applications into new digital, transversal processes.
Companies use a lot of technologies that cannot be wiped out. Therefore, embedding and integrating these legacy technologies with the new digital business models is an imperative.

The Spanish company is looking for partners (consultancy companies or integrators) who want to incorporate this technology in their digital transformation projects, willing to cooperate under licence agreement. With this call, the Spanish company wants to boost its international development process.

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-There are other similar platforms in the market but they are code-based, which means, a much larger deployment and development time and, therefore higher costs. By using this technology, the development cost gets a 400% reduction and the standard deployment time is between 4 and 12 weeks. -It is the only digital transformation platform that runs in every context: front-end, transactional, back-end, automation, integration and orchestration, mobile apps, mobile back ends, cloud and on-premises, simple and highly complex solution. -It is the only digital transformation platform based on self-referential semantic engines. It means that it is capable of interpreting and processing its own concept, and thus, is capable of generating models based on itself. -It is purely no-code, so it does not have to be programmed every time a new company process is added.

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The company is looking for consultancy companies or integrators that provide digital transformation services to companies from different sectors, willing to cooperate under license agreement. The objective is that, these entities can use this technology in their digital transformation services.