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Innovative device for activation of water used for plant spraying.

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A university from Latvia has developed a cost-effective water activation for plant watering/spraying device. The device is mainly foreseen to be used in greenhouses. The university is offering commercial agreement with technical assistance to agricultural equipment producing companies.



An electrical current running through salty water creates a mixture of chemicals that kills microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. The mixture is called ‘electrolysed water’, but the process - anodic oxidation. There are many other names for electrolysed water, including, hydrolysed water, electrically activated water, electrochemically produced water, activated water, active water, etc.
This is a promising technology for disinfection and disease control. It is already used successfully in many industries. In horticulture, the main application of electrolysed water is as a ‘biocide’, meaning ‘life-killing’ agent. It is used to break down the slimy build-up in hydroponic lines that often contains bacteria, fungal spores and other microbes. It is also used successfully for disinfection of seeds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, equipment and packing materials and may be used for disease control in greenhouses.
Although in the market exist devices for anodic oxidation of water, a university from Latvia has developed his own water activation unit for application in agriculture. The aim was to improve construction of the device and its exploitation characteristics.
The university is offering commercial agreement with technical assistance to agricultural equipment manufacturer companies.

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The device uses a regular 220V single-phase electricity fourfold increasing the voltage and rectifying the current. The obtained high voltage direct current electrolyser is used for the activation of sprinkling water. The electrolyser effectively purifies, activates and separates crude/unpurified water in the fraction of anions (lifeless water) and in the fraction of cations (live water) as well as simultaneously in electro-coagulation process separates the sediments. The sediments may be used as plant fertilizers. In experiments in greenhouses the application of the activated water in spraying/watering positively influences the productivity of plants.

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Type of partner sought - equipment for agricultural applications manufacturers/suppliers. Role of partner sought – adapt/produce water activation devices/offer the technology of water activation to their clients.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250