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Innovative easy-to-use software platform for system development offered to system intergrators and business management system developers

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A Lithuanian company with over two decades of experience in specialized application software development is looking for system integrators and business management system developers that would be interested in adapting their innovative and easy-to-use software platform for system development, that is used for quick development of information systems. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



The Lithuanian company currently specializes in development of applications and websites for businesses. Current areas of activity of the company include information processing, information system and workflow management software, such as:
- E-Commerce
- Electronic Payment
- Building Automation Software
As well as IT and telematics applications:
- Applications for Health
- Applications for Tourism
- Applications for Transport and Logistics
- Application Service Providing (ASP)
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Maintenance Management System
- Operation Planning and Scheduler System

The company has currently developed a software platform that is a powerful tool for creating and designing advanced web-based information and accounting systems quickly, without or with a minimal use of programming languages - system development is possible with simple inputs of objects and assigning relevant pre-configured functions for them. Additional functions may be developed by the company if requested by the partners, partners also get access to other applications developed using this platform. Software is currently translated to English, translation to other languages is possible if requested by partners.

This is an innovative software platform with no analogies in the world. It is based on a new information system development method - it's a software tool and ready to use system together. Nowadays, creation of accounting software or web-based information systems require many work-hours of highly skilled software developers. The new platform greatly simplifies development process while preserving all functionalities of a system.

The company is looking for partners - system integrators and business management system developers - interested in adapting applications that already have been created on the platform or for those interested in creating their own applications using the platform under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The main advantage of the system is that development time of a new and sophisticated IT system, depending on system complexity, can be reduced to 1 - 3 months, in comparison to that similar projects usually take 1 - 3 years. This platform is easy-to-use - no or minimal knowledge of programming languages is required. Casual users are able to use the system after a short training. The price of software products offered by the company are significantly smaller than those of US software vendors. These aspects combined result in significant cost reduction (possibly tens of thousands of euros) of a system development project - less involvement of programmers with high wages.

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The company is looking for system integrators and business management system developers that would adapt applications that have already been created using the platform or would create their own applications using this software platform, with the help of the offering company, for private use or collaborating in projects.