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Innovative electrocardiogram device for smartphones and tablets

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An Italian innovative start-up, active in the healthcare sector since 2015, has developed and produced a portable electrocardiogram (ECG) device for smartphones and tablets (8 leads for patients, 12 leads for health professionals). The company is seeking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and joint venture agreements to enter new foreign markets.



An Italian innovative start-up has developed the first smartphone electrocardiogram (ECG) device which allows to perform a hospital-level ECG in total autonomy and to send the results to the 24/7 telecardiology service for a telereport in a very short time (maximum 15 minutes).
What limited the diffusion of homecare ECG devices up to now is that to obtain reliable information for doctors, cumbersome and unfriendly devices had to be used. Particularly, challenging cable uncoiling and the placement of electrodes in specific points were the main challenges.
Thanks to its innovative yet easy proprietary technology, the developed solution solves both these problems: the user can wind up all the cables at once or one at a time, and in any order, with intuitive positioning given by the cable exit direction from the device. The app also shows the patient’s own chest with
electrodes placed to aid further simplicity and reliability. The result is to get at any time at home a device as reliable as the one available in a medical room.
The system connects via bluetooth to the smartphone/tablet and the related app guides the user step by step in recording the exam. A patented algorithm recognizes the chest of the patient and shows the picture of his/her chest with colored marks. Following the picture, the patient can place correctly the colored cables. It is the only ECG solution certified for homecare use able to diagnose myocardial ischemia directly from home thanks to the fact that the solution is not a 1/2/4/6 leads ECG solution (like others currently on the market) but a hospital-grade ECG solution with 8/12 leads (8 leads for patients, 12 leads for health professionals).
Thanks to its extreme portability the technology can be carried out by health professionals to patient’s homes for homecare visits.
Interested in introducing the technology in new markets the developer is looking for foreign partners having a good knowledge of local market rules and regulations interested in signing a commercial agreement with technical assistance (the Italian company will offer technical support in the technology transfer) or to create a joint venture.

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Main advantages and innovative aspects can be summarised as follows: - easy to use (simple use for both the device and the app) - clinically reliable - portable - affordable - very quick medical report: the user can rely on the 24/7 tele-cardiology service to get results from trusted cardiologists in few minutes (15 minutes maximum) In cardiology, multiple leads electrocardiogram (ECG) recording is the most simple, diffuse and cost effective way to analyse the heart and detect irregularities that might lead to serious health problems such as a stroke or heart attack. Up to this moment however, traditional ECG recorders required intrusive skin preparation, professional fitting in the doctor's office and could not be used by individuals with no medical background. The offered solution has designed the first ECG device that is as reliable as hospital ECGs but which can be used anywhere by anyone (no medical background or skills are needed). The device comes in a protective case with a wireless charging station.

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Commercial agreement with technical assistance: the company is seeking partners active in the medical sector with a good knowledge of local market rules and regulations and technical support services are offered. Joint venture agreements for adapting the device to specific market segments and distributing it are sought as well.

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