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Innovative fire control system for buildings

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A Spanish SME, devoted to the design and manufacture of installations for all types of fluids, has developed an innovative and effective fire protection system in buildings based on a technology that controls the spread and temperature of the smoke. This solution has been successfully implemented in different buildings and it is complementary to other existing solutions. The company is looking for insurance companies to reach commercial agreements with technical assistance.



A Spanish SME, working in the design and manufacture of installations for all types of fluids such as air, hot, cold and superheated water, steam, heating oil, compressed air, with applications in both the household and in the commercial and industrial sector, has developed an innovative fire protection system for buildings. This system has to be integrated in the air conditioning system of the building that can be devoted to offices, industrial or residential uses.

Smoke inhalation causes more deaths than burns in building fires. As a fire grows inside a building, it consumes most of the oxygen, generating toxic gases or heating gases which temperature is lethal for the respiratory tract. This innovation offers a complementary solution integrated in the air conditioning system that automatically controls the temperature of the smoke once a fire is produced and extracts the smoke safely to the outside of the building.

When the system detects the presence of a fire by means of its built-in detection sensors, the control system sets up the air conditioning to extract the smoke and at the same time measure its temperature and introduce air at low temperature in the area of the fire in order to control the temperature and stop the spread of the fire throughout the installations.

As a result, the system prevents the spread of the smoke to adjacent areas like stairs and controls the temperature of the smoke and the visibility at the height of the persons, so that they can see, breath and therefore escape easily from the fire, and firefighters can enter quickly and safely to extinguish the fire, which has been restricted to its focus.

The automatic reconfiguration of the air conditioning system, the automatic fire control systems and the monitoring of the smoke temperature make this solution a complete system whose efficiency has been already tested in several installations.

The company offers commercial agreements with technical assistance to big companies interested in the incorporation of this technology in its own portfolio of fire control solutions. This technology can be of special interest to insurance companies since it dramatically reduces the risk of human and material damage.

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Current solutions available in the market as system of fumes gates in large enclosures or industrial warehouses, systems of stairs or evacuation routes or smoke extraction system for garages do not guarantee the control of the fire nor the smoke in the building since they do not consider all possible air inlets, nor the air or smoke movement. Unlike these solutions, this system guarantees the elimination of smoke from a burning area, also preventing this smoke from spreading into any other areas of the building. The system allows for a specific temperature to be maintained, both in the burning space and in the rest of the building, in the event of a fire. Other advantages are the following: - Automatic control of the temperature of the smoke. - It can be installed in any type of buildings. - Enables both self-evacuation and entrance of firefighters in a quick and safe manner. - Cost-effective technology, compatible with existing solutions. - It can be integrated into existing buildings.

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- Type of partner sought: Industry. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Fire control services, insurance companies. - Task to be performed: The company offers a commercial agreement with technical assistance so that the interested companies can incorporate this technology and install it in their clients’ premises. This technology can be of special interest to insurance companies since it dramatically reduces the risk of human and material damage. The technical assistance comprises accompaniment and assessment of potential implantations, transfer of know-how and initial training of technicians.

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