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Innovative food company from Bulgaria offers healthy soups in bottles to distributors

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This Bulgarian company produces healthy soups made from fresh, locally sourced products, with 100% traceable origin and quality. Тhe soups are sterilized in glass bottles and have no additives, which make them appropriate for busy lifestyles, healthy diets, sports nutrition, for people with allergies, vegan diets. Partnership sought: Distribution services agreement; Manufacturing agreement could also be considered an option.



This young Bulgarian company initiated the development of the product in 2016 aiming to fill a big gap in the market - the demand for healthy, nutritious food “on the go”, without added sugars. The innovative healthy product is developed in an attempt to stand out from all the sweets - smoothies, bars and all kinds of other sweet snacks, flooding the niche. It is produced in a family-run production facility with more than 20 years of experience and know-how in production of baby foods.

The soups are made using “Fresh” technology, which means that are used only locally sourced vegetables and herbs, which are in season and come fresh directly from the farmer. They are cooked short after they have been harvested, which ensures that the ingredients are fresh, high quality and have the best taste. After the cooking process the soup is sterilised. This process removes all bacteria and does not allow bacteria to develop. This way the product is ready for consumption, and has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of production, without the need of any food stabilisers. The production is also free from thickening and colouring agents, artificial flavors. Sterilised products are easy to transport, store and display, as they do not need to be kept in cold environment.

Products, currently on the market are soups in glass bottles of 250 ml and 1000 ml sizes:
- Classic Potato soup
- Exotic Red Lentil with Parsnip soup
- Fresh Pea and Mint soup
- Winter edition - Pumpkin with Ginger soup.

Potential consumers:
The soups in bottles are made to provide a healthy alternative for busy and active people who are conscious about the quality of the food they eat. The soups are appropriate for most diets, for people with food allergies, sports nutrition, weight management diets, vegan, religious regimes. They are balanced to be tasty both hot and cold, so that they can be consumed in a wide variety of use cases - while driving, in the office, at home with the kids, between work meetings etc

Partnership sought:
The company is offering the products to wholesale clients and distributors internationally under Distribution services agreement.
Another option is a Manufacturing agreement as the company is able to deliver "white-label" products under the brand and recipes/supervision of its clients.

Advantages & innovations

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Innovations: This product is addressing the growing niche for outdoor healthy food, which is easy to be consumed, affordable, nutritious. It is a pioneer on the Bulgarian market, and comparatively new product on the EU market. Advantages of the product: - No sugar, chemicals, preservatives, thickening and coloring agents are added. - Gluten free. - 100% Vegan. - 24 months shelf life from date of manufacture. - Does not require storage in a fridge or freezer. - Labeling can be according to the client’s needs. - Eco-friendly glass bottle packaging. Advantages of the producer: - The “Fresh” technology of production, ensures no semi finished or frozen products are used. This allows to control quality and save numerous fibers, vitamins and micro elements. - HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control point) approved production process. - All production lines are steam cleaned. Steam is more efficient and is not harmful as chemical cleaning agents. - Flexible and open to different types of cooperation.

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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The company is looking for a distributor of food products, who can distribute the soups to local shops, supermarkets, online shops, vending machines, petrol stations, fitness centers, company and school canteens, social and sporting events, concerts etc. Ideally, they are expected to order the company’s products on regular basis as the aim is contracting of long-term Distribution services agreement. The product can be delivered worldwide. Direct inquiries from the listed actors are also welcomed. Another appropriate partner is a company who wants to extend its assortment with different/innovative products; to pre-test the market and customer attitudes to a new product by ordering "white label" and saving resources and time. In this case, Manufacturing agreement is sought.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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