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Innovative heuristic quotation system for aerospace, automotive, defence and industrial equipment sector.

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Spanish SME with wide experience in developing smart solutions and providing IT services, has developed an innovative product cost management (PMC) solution which facilitates the manufacturing quotation process, providing an automatic method. The company is looking for international testers (original equipment manufacturers or suppliers) willing to collaborate under commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Currently, making a manufacturing quotation presents a number of difficulties: consumption of man-hours to create the offer, sometimes, it represents the 70% of the pre-sale costs, the need for expert personnel with experience in manufacturing technology, variability of the final quotation depending on the personnel making the offer, the customer, the commercial period, the price of the raw materials, etc. different input information formats according to the client.

Given the increasingly reduced lead time for suppliers in these sectors and the large volume of changes that large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often require from them, the need to make this process more efficient and achieve automation is a very important objective for European industry to compete against areas with cheap labour.

In this context, this Spanish SME has developed an advanced technology that facilitates the quotation of the parts in an automatic method, providing in a fast and reliable way relevant data for the purchasing / engineering / pre-sales areas. The company has developed a product cost management (PMC) solution. In particular, this tool is specific for estimating manufacturing cost. These types of solutions are part of what is defined as product life-cycle management (PLM).

This technology allows to compare different parameters when it comes to make a quotation of every piece, moreover it has a text recognition module that allows automatic generation of quotations, through the automatic recognition of the critical parameters of each of the pieces. It incorporates a solution that notifies the client each time there is an anomaly in the quotation of the parts, analysing with big data and data mining the different variables involved in the generation of the quotations.

The supply chain of the automotive and aerospace sectors are the most sensitive to the costs generated at this stage, due to price competitiveness and lack of knowledge of the costs incurred in tackling these activities.

These product cost management (PCM) solutions are not available for most of the SMEs (suppliers, manufacturers) required to use a big amount of hours/employee to carry out these quotations which may or may not result in a possible turnover or development.

The targeted sectors of this product cost management (PCM) solution are: automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial equipment. Additionally, it is targeted at: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and engineering companies.

•SMEs which cannot make large operational expenditures (OPEX) investments in product cost management (PCM) tool licenses and pre-sales costs in bid management will create a bottleneck and reduce the efficiency of their production.

•Large companies that can use it either to reduce structural costs (administrative or purchase/pre-sale staff) or that want to speed up the product cost calculation process in the design and development phase, streamline the management of quotations in case of a high volume of requests, and reduce costs due to competitive pressure.

Within the consolidation phase of this innovative system, the company is looking for international testers willing to collaborate, after the certification of the platform, under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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Within product life cycle management (PLM) and product cost management (PCM) solutions, there are tools that are currently used to quote manufacturing costs in the different stages of product development and respond to the following difficulties: high volume of requests for quotation (RFQ), accuracy and consistency of estimates, early identification of manufacturing problems time of dedication required for the generation of an offer. The shortcomings of current solutions include: simple arithmetic calculation of cost estimates, no refinement of the estimate compared to a historical, it is not possible to automatically calculate the cost estimate when the input format is 2D and no connectivity with the prices, in real time, of the suppliers of material or treatments. This product cost management solution includes the following competitive advantages to the state of the art: •Use of heuristic methods for the automatic evaluation of the quotation following an optimal path according to the input signals requested from the tool. •Optical character recognition (OCR) and text mining technology to obtain the necessary information in the manufacturing process, material and dimensional tolerances, from an input in 2D format: AutoCAD, PDFs (digital, non-scanned) to PDFs (non-digital, from scans of printed documents), as well as other 2D formats. •Real-time obtainment of material prices and processing and self-management of budget requests. •Refinement of the arithmetic estimation of costs through comparison using artificial intelligence technologies. Combining arithmetic estimation with the experience of experts, starting from a library of cases and allowing user feedback. •Use of convergent recursive learning algorithms through artificial neural networks which facilitate the self-learning of the tool as it is used.

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This Spanish SME is looking for international partners willing to act as testers of the application during the consolidation phase. During this phase the use of the tool is completely free, once the platform is certified the user will be offered 6 months at zero cost and then the following renewals will be at more advantageous prices than future clients. The partner sought could be SMEs or large companies like original equipment manufacturers, suppliers working on automotive, aerospace, defence sector willing to collaborate under commercial agreements with technical assistance acting as final users of the system.