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Innovative lehr (oven) loader for hollow glass production, looking for partner under commercial agreement with technical assistance

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A German SME has developed an innovative lehr loader. Lehr ovens are used in the production of hollow glass to decrease mechanical stress of the material. The device pushes the produced glassware in a soft movement at right angles into the lehr. Due to the innovative mechanical layout of the device, the machine has one motor less than state of the art products, leading to lower maintenance and energy costs. Targeted cooperation types are commercial agreements with technical assistance.



The German owner-managed mechanical engineering company manufactures and distributes an innovative lehr loader. The lehr loader pushes glass containers during the production process from a cross conveyor onto conveyer belt of the lehr conveyor in a right-angled movement. The Lehr oven is used in the proves to enable a controlled even cooling process to reduce mechanical stress of the material and hereby prevent cracking of the material during the cooling process and also during the use of the containers.
During the production of hollow glass the production equipment has to resist to rough conditions leading to high maintenance costs and wear. Due to its innovative mechanical layout the offered device only requires two motors, so that less energy and maintenance costs occur, as state of art equipment needs three engines.
Due to the robust design, maintenance is less frequent, which reduces maintenance and repair costs. The unit can be adapted to the infeed direction of the belt, i.e. either a right-handed or a left-handed version and can be installed easily with a forklift truck.

The SME is looking for partners as producers of hollow glass,or engineering consultants for production lines of hollow glass, or producers of equipment, interested in the integration of the loading unit in existing or planned hollow production lines in the frame of commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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The installation of the developed lehr loader is very simple, only a forklift truck is needed. In addition, the device runs with one motor less than state of the art devices on the market, which means that less energy is used. In addition to these two advantages, the lehr loader is very sturdy and therefore requires little maintenance, which reduces maintenance and repair costs.

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The company is looking for producers of hollow glass, such as container glass manufacturers or equipment manufacturers for the hollow glass production.