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Innovative lightweight eco thermal concretes and eco lightweight granulate products (ELG-products)

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A Serbian company produces innovative lightweight concrete products for construction of: walls, ceilings/floors/roofs and facade of energy-efficient and seismic-resistant buildings and chimneys, pedestrian zones, sports grounds, etc. The advantages are: 50% lighter; excellent load-bearing capacity, thermal insulation and seismic resistance; all walls are rebar-reinforced; construction is faster, cheaper and more sustainable by 40%. It seeks partner through commercial agreement.



A Serbian company has been developing innovations and the core management team owns several patents that enable cheap, swift and high-quality construction of prefabricated and masonry buildings. Its innovations can be classified into three different groups:
1. sustainable production of construction materials,
2. sustainable production of energy efficient and/or seismic-resistant prefabricated buildings,
3. sustainable production of energy efficient and/or seismic-resistant masonry buildings.
The high quality of innovations is confirmed through numerous national prizes, but also Seal of Excellence and Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 Grant awarded in 2016-2017 and letters of intent from the interested potential partners from Italy, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.
The company produced more than 500 high-quality and cheap eco lightweight concretes with the optimal proportion of various types of recycled industrial waste (granulates from: waste tires, pyrite burns, recycled glass, blast furnace slag, fly ash, etc.). With those concretes the company made the revolutionary lightweight concrete blocks for construction of walls, columns, ceilings, roofs, chimneys, pedestrian zones, playgrounds for children and sports grounds for recreation of citizens.
The blocks for walls and columns have an innovative axially symmetric design with orthogonal arrangement of interior divisions to follow the directions of strong shear forces, low weight (cheap transportation), high load-bearing capacity and low thermal conductivity (there is no masonry block offered by competitors that has those characteristics). In case of strong earthquakes, the walls of masonry buildings are even more nailed together, which further increases the load-bearing capacity, stability and resistance of buildings. The innovative ceiling bricks have small weight and equally high load-bearing capacity like innovative concrete 40N/mm2. The ceilings of buildings constructed with them have equally high load-bearing capacity like the innovative concrete they are made of and which is cast over them, so that together, they build ceilings of high load-bearing capacity.
Dimensions: blocks for partition walls-10x50x24cm, 12x50x24cm, 17x40x24cm, 20x40x24cm and blocks for load-bearing walls- 25x40x24cm, 30x40x24cm, 38x40x24cm.
The advantages of construction of walls and ceilings with innovative blocks are: 1) walls have low thermal conductivity, i.e. act like thermal insulation in the building, saving energy required for heating and/or cooling without any need for installation of additional thermal insulation, thereby reducing 50% construction price, 2) all walls in buildings can be reinforced with rebar, enabling construction of reinforced concrete walls by 50% cheaper than its competitors who mould them on site with ready-mix concrete, additionally lowering construction price, 3) walls have 7 times greater resistance to destructive forces of pressure and shearing compared to walls built with clay blocks, making the buildings resistant to the largest earthquakes and hurricane winds, 4) walls have 3 times higher load-bearing capacity than at competitors, which also enables significantly cheaper construction in seismic prone areas or buildings with more than 7 stores and 5) when building ceilings, innovative ceiling blocks have equally high load-bearing capacity like innovative concrete they are made of and which is cast over them, so that together, they build ceilings of high load-bearing capacity (3 times larger than at competitors).
The company is interested in the commercial agreement with the technical assistance with the suitable successful company engaged in production of concrete construction elements and masonry units and that also possesses a large and well-established distribution network, so that together can generate large profits across various markets.
The company will offer technical assistance, IP licensing and mutual production.

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The novelty in production of innovative lightweight concrete ELG-products are their extraordinary physical and technical characteristics thanks to hundreds of superior concrete mix designs with recycled industrial waste and their unique innovative revolutionary design enabling all walls in buildings to be reinforced with rebar and resistant to destructive wind and earthquake forces. Therefore, they are offering the following advantages in comparison to competitors: • 3÷5 times lower thermal conductivity (energy savings on heating and/or cooling by 30%), • 50% lighter, lowering the construction price in the EU by more than 40% (smaller weight of concrete that directly leads to price of build-smaller dimensions of beams, columns and foundation), • lower weight by 20%÷40%, 3÷4 times higher compressive strength, • low thermal conductivity, saving energy required for heating and/or cooling of the building because they act like thermal insulation, lowering the construction price of reinforced walls by 50% in the EU, • times larger contact surface between adjacent blocks than it is the case with blocks of competitors, which further increases horizontal and vertical load-bearing capacity of buildings by 20%, • 5 times higher resistance to the destructive effects of water, moisture and salt, • 2 times faster and cheaper construction of the walls of energy-efficient and seismic-resistant buildings. The direct ecological benefit of the innovation on annual level of a plant producing 18000 ELG-products per day is consumption of 8900 tons of recycled industrial wastes. The indirect ecological benefit on annual level due to production of 4320000pcs ELG-products per year is reduction of consumption of natural gas by 87600m3, natural granulate (gravel/stone, sand) by 46000 tons and CO2e by 17885 tons (compared with the production of clay masonry units).

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Prototype available for demonstration

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Type: Industry Activity: Producer of concrete blocks, construction elements and/or masonry units Role: it is expected from the partner to: 1) produce of innovative lightweight concrete blocks according to the provided technology and under supervision; 2) distribute and promote innovative lightweight concrete blocks; 3) organize joint production together with the company and 4) protect the related IP rights on the territory covered by its distribution network.

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SME 51-250


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Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA