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Innovative method for large scale industrial production of certified synthetic diamonds

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An Italian inventor has developed an innovative method for the production of synthetic diamonds on an industrial scale, allowing a substantial reduction of production times and costs. Partners are sought, under both technical cooperation and financial agreement, for the development of the production machinery and patent consolidation.



Relying on a longstanding experience in the design of industrial machinery, an Italian inventor has developed an innovative method to produce synthetic diamonds, with particular reference to those used in the manufacture of jewellery, in a shorter time and at a lower cost. This new method would allow the production of larger sized synthetic diamonds, able to compete with natural diamonds and to increase the available annual global market, which currently amounts to 20 billion dollars/year. Other potential applications could be in the development and production of carbon chips substrate. Actually, carbon technology offers significantly wider temperature ranges over silicon, as breakdown temperatures are much higher with carbon-based junctions than with silicon. Moreover, diamond shaped carbon has a higher thermal conduction and allows higher frequencies.

To be implemented, this new production method requires the development of a specific machinery, a precision electro-mechanics device driven by embedded logic units and equipped with asynchronous electric motors, control sensors, heating devices and WIDIA pressure cells. The whole device is expected to have a volume of nearly 50 cubic meters.

The following steps of the project have been completed so far:
• Detailed description of the required machinery, specifying all components and features needed to achieve the desired purposes while ensuring compliance with safety standards.
• Definition of the machine subsystems.
• Analysis of each subsystem involved.
• Market analysis aimed at defining the costs and availability of the components needed.

In order to develop the required machinery and start the large-scale production of synthetic diamonds, the Italian inventor is now looking for manufacturing partners of the electro-mechanics device equipment mentioned above. Potential partners should be able to provide design, prototyping and assembly of the device, as well as adequate production facilities. Cooperation is envisaged under technical cooperation agreement.

The Italian inventor is also looking for financial partners interested in the production of synthetic diamonds, willing to support the project development under financial agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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The main innovative feature of this industrial invention concerning the production of synthetic diamonds is that it is not based on a usual static system. This allows having the power needed to push the carbon atoms in the expected diamond configuration in a shorter time. On the contrary, in static systems, carbon atoms move randomly, with isotropic motion, requiring a longer time to reach the target configuration. Such additional power helps limiting the negative effects of impurities, reducing possible complications related to synthetic diamond colorations. The proposed solution also allows modifying the gases in the internal atmosphere of the compression chamber. Main advantages: 1) Reduction of certified synthetic diamonds production times by 50%. 2) Reduction of production costs. 3) Increase of diamonds' size by 50%. 4) Production of pure and colorless diamonds. 5) Finely tuning of the coloration of stones, if needed. 6) Production of electronic semiconductors with diamond substrate.

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Under development/lab tested

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Manufacturing partners are sought under technical cooperation agreement for the engineering phase of the industrial invention, through the co-development of the precision electromechanical equipment needed to start large-scale production of synthetic diamonds. Potential partners are requested to have expertise in the following areas: - Metalworking. - Precision mechanics. - Hard materials (such as WIDIA). - Electronics control. - Electric engines for continuous use. Potential partners should be able to provide design, prototyping and assembly of the device, as well as adequate trial and production facilities. Financial partners interested in the production of synthetic diamonds are also sought under financial agreement, to support the project development and implementation.

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