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Innovative SME offers complete industrial automation solutions, industrial robotic cells, SCADA architecture, telemetry under an outsourcing agreement

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Process automation
Process Plant Engineering
Manufacturing/industrial software
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Other industrial automation
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Aluminium production
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A Romanian company experienced in automation of technological processes is offering full scale technological process automation solutions and services for various industries such as wood processing, water treatment, energy industry, zootechnical farms, dairies, etc. The company is interested in an outsourcing agreement



With more than 8 years of experience, the Romanian company offers products and services in industrial automation, industrial robots, communications, electronics and software. They have strong collaboration with the world’s leading companies across all industrial sectors from Romania, Italy, Germany and other international markets.

Integrated solutions offered by the company:

Automation solutions
- Design and implementation of automation systems - analysis of the situation and existing equipment, choose modern solutions and implement flexible architecture that allows future expansions
- Automation equipment - equip machineries with advanced sensors, execution of electric panels (strength and control), software development – PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for various manufacturers
- Design and construction of machinery - machinery for passing between lines, machinery for collection/counting /bark and testing devices
- Complete realization of automation systems
- Services of assembly and project commissioning of electrical installations

SCADA Aplications
- Monitoring Systems, Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) implementation – which is a flexible architecture that allows future expansions with minimum investments and without having to stop the production process.
- SCADA applications using: Visual Designer – EATON, WinCC – Siemens, Vijeo Citect – Schneider

Robotic cells
- Full integration of robotic arms in industrial processes, in order to increase production and improve the technological process, to set a constant of cycle time, a constant of quality of the product and remove human errors.
- The applications of robotic cells are:

- Design and implementation of data acquisition and remote control via GSM / GPRS and via 2.4 / 5GHz radio band.

The company is interested in working with manufacturing or processing SMEs or industries in need of the aforementioned technological services in their plants, under an outsourcing agreement.
Having a strong research and development certified experience, the client is willing to collaborate with technicians that implement automation solutions in industrial sector or with industrial machinery producers, to offer innovative integrated solutions in industrial automation and robots, including electronics and software platforms.

Advantages & innovations

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 The company brings together a team of specialists with multidisciplinary skills - in industrial automation, industrial robots, communications, electronics and software. With expertise in Fanuc, ABB, Siemens, an engineer of the company can respond to any need of the beneficiary, being able to provide an integrated service.  The company provides periodical trainings for the personal, to develop the multidisciplinary abilities and competences of the team and to keep them updated with the latest developments, technologies, strategies and innovations in the field  They offer turnkey solutions for each beneficiary, covering all the stages of the process: from the ideea, to design, development, implementation and service/support.  All the solutions provided are customized to the needs and requirements of the clients for different types of industries.  To representatives of the company accompany the beneficiary, at the beginning of their collaboration, with a technical consultancy, in order to help the client identify it’s need of automatization and choose the best solution according to the needs  The company is very active on the international specific markets, being used to the needs of a wide variety of clients acting in very different sectors. As opposed to other tech providers, it’s solutions and services are applicable in all industries.  The wide field-based experience, along with the research and development activity and multidisciplinary experts, enables the company to offer the latest technology automation solutions in short time and efficient costs.  The integrated solutions offered - both the automation infrastructure and wireless data transmission with the same team – set them apart from other competitors.  The company is certified by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority.

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The company is looking for collaborations with SME’s from manufacturing or processing industries of different sizes, interested in the automatization of their technological processes. The client is also willing to work with technicians and machinery producers, for the implementation of integrated industrial automation and communication solutions. The services are carried out under an outsourcing agreement ( service agreement with technical assistance), as the client has a multidisciplinary team that is able to manage the entire process cycle.

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SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500