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Innovative system to control both production data and energy consumption for industrial production plants.

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The Italian company, working in the energy sector, has developed a new system that measures, controls and analyses both the energy consumption and the production in industrial plants. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance with manufacturers in the construction materials and many other sectors.



The enterprise, based in Southern Italy, works in the energy field, supporting the companies needing the energy saving.
The continuous research of innovative solutions is the key to understand their philosophy; so, they have developed a novel system, made up of sensors, controlling both the production data and the energy consumption, including both electricity and gas.
The data collection can be consulted both online and offline, utilizing any electronic device, from the personal computer up to the smartphone. The system collect all the data, creating daily, weekly and monthly reports., comparing them both to internal and external benchmarks. The anomalies are prompt communicated via SMS or e-mail, in order to act immediately.
Moreover, the company provides also a technical support, that allows to read correctly the collected data and to help the managers of the production plants to decide the needed corrective action.
Even if the system has been developed for plants of construction materials, its versatility gives the chance to adapt it to any manufacturing production sectors.
The company is looking for industries or production plants, interested in the technology and in the service of the support, to sign a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages & innovations

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The classical devices already on the market are dedicated either only to energy consumption or only to production. The systems for the energy saving are countless, but they never control the production data . On the other hand, the systems dedicated exclusively to the production check are often not user-friendly. Instead, this technology is the only one crossing both energy consumption and production data, comparing them both with an internal and external benchmark. Moreover, there is a technical support that makes the system user-friendly. So, the main advantages of the technology can be summarized as follows: • versatility and adaptability • costs saving • energy saving • production monitoring • real-time monitoring • carbon dioxide saving • management support to analyse the consumption and production data • comparing performance to internal and external benchmark

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Already on the market

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Type and activity: partners searched are industrial production plants, working in construction materials sector, such as bituminous conglomerate, aggregate production, asphalt and ready mix concrete; anyway, the adaptability of the technology allows to utilise the system in every kind of production. Role: the ideal partner is a production plant interested to control the production, to costs savings and energy savings, with the certainty of being able to use a new technology jointly with a team of experts.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500