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Instant foam fire protection for large diameter storages

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A Hungarian SME developed a technology that provides uncompromised safety against full surface fires for large diameter atmospheric storage tanks without polluting the environment or endangering lives. The client is looking for business partners interested in the technology in the form of commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or a licence agreement.



A Hungarian SME has pioneered a new foam supply system and foam introduction method. It was developed to achieve extraordinarily high foam application rate. With the technology the company has achieved a novel fire fighting technology for storage tanks.

The current ruling procedure is that only rim seal fires have to be taken out. In the case of a large full surface tank fire, the ruling tactic is to use whatever resources there are to contain the crisis and in most cases they let the tank burn out. However in this way, the business disruption and environmental exposure is unacceptably huge. If other tanks are nearby, there is little chance of isolating a single tank if supplies are limited, and the whole terminal could be endangered.

The pressurized foam is a new storage tank fire extinguishing technology, using a very high foam application rate. This foam flow rate is provided through the new foam application device, which accommodates the expansive foam flow and prevents excessive velocities in the nozzle. It provides an ideal curtain like foam application pattern, thus providing substantial and continuous cooling of the tank wall. As of this date, the company possesses the most effective fire protection solution in its category. The technology does not need water to operate, nor need human intervention and it costs less to install than standard systems.

The result of the combination of factors described above is an highly efficient system. Tests carried out on a 500 m2 of surface gasoline tank on fire repeatedly resulted in extinguishment in less than 40 seconds. Foam inflow starts 4 seconds after ignition and only the velocity of the blankets spreading limits the extinguishment time. For a 120m diameter large tank it is still within 3 minutes.

In case of strong candidate the SME is willing to help in designing the system for companies as a licence agreement and also providing the material and know-how under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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• Its simplicity eliminates the need for specialists to operate and maintain the system. Only a few key elements require regular inspection so the chance of malfunctioning is very low. • Since the effective burning area is narrowed from the outset, environmental and property damage is at minimal. • The system does not require firewater at all. It was originally developed to provide protection in remote territories under harsh conditions like extreme temperature or aridity. • It does not require external energy sources, like fire trucks or electric pump. • It makes no difference whether the tank is in a desert or the temperature is minus 40.

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This technology could be used in different sectors: oil storage sites, marketing terminals, oil ports, refineries, chemical industry, military applications, airport accidents and fast response fire vehicles. The SME is interested in partners that are ready to use the technology, they are willing to help to design the system for the individual tanks and also providing the material and know-how with training for the technology. With a fairly strong partner licensing can be also a possibility