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Integrated System for Fire Management and Monitoring

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An Italian company has developed an integrated system (software solution), that is easily customizable depending on type and size of the client, for fire management and monitoring in real time. The Italian company is interested in finding partners with whom to develop case studies and test the system in real time conditions through technical cooperation agreements or research and development agreements.



An Italian company having own headquarter in Italy, with experience in combining research in the field of ICT with applications for aerospace, engineering solutions and civil protection, has developed, together with some research institutes, an integrated system for fire management and real time monitoring.
The system allows, thanks to an exchange and communication with Satellites, to have real time data for monitoring fires and territories, with the aim to support decision makers in better performing tasks related to prevention and management of fires.
The system is particularly suitable for decision makers, government bodies, civil protection organisations and all those subjects involved in the area of fire prevention and management.
The system is customizable depending on size and needs of the client, from national level to municipal level, this frequently depends on the model and rules adopted for fire prevention and management.
The company is interested in finding partners to test the system through research or technical cooperation agreements, in an integrated process, in order to better understand how to deal with the entire data flow and maximise the result.
Organisations interested can anwer individually or as representatives of a whole group or subjects dealing with fire fighting in the same region. Depending on such a pre-condition, collaboration can be in the form of joint research or technical cooperation (ad hoc setting of system depending on regional/local procedures and sensors availability - joint futher development), or in the form of customization depending on local specific situation (minor changes and modulation depending on size and needs of the partner/s).

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The Italian company developed an integrated system, together with two research organisations, aimed at foreseeing, detecting, monitoring forest fires and simulating the fire front evolution, in real time, and allow decision makers proceed with further steps in the fire management plan. Innovation and advantages: - Hot-spot detection and early warning system; - Real time monitoring (through satellite data analysis and sensors measured in situ, combination); - Decision support system; - Customization of offer/product, depending on need related to civil protection, national rule and thematic area.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company is looking for organisations that could act as tester for the system and application, possibly in an integrated mechanism in specific case countries (including several integrated operators to cover the full cycle of fire prevention and management). Company is interested in researche agreements or technical cooperation agreements.