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IoT sensor hub solution for commercial applications

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A Singapore SME has developed a robust, industrial grade sensor hub solution that significantly eases the IoT deployment for commercial applications. This advanced engineering device is scalable, allows the rapid sensor deployment through a patented, single touch approach, and offers quick modification and adaptation of the sensors for different applications. The SME seeks licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance with MNEs or SMEs of all sizes.



Deploying IoT can sometimes be challenging, due to complicated technology interfaces or things not working together as seamlessly as expected. As many of existing deployments are customised, much time is consumed in developing these tailored IOT solutions for different industries and deploying sensors in the fields.

The scalable architecture developed by the Singapore SME is capable of reducing 80-90% of the time required in the customised development of IoT solutions. The architecture is able to support up to 50,000 sensors on a single network and suitable for nation-wide or municipal-wide deployments with very high density of sensors.

The proposed industrial grade IoT sensor hub solution uses a patented technology that simplifies the IoT deployment and offers rapid deployment of sensors with little or no system configuration needed. This technology streamlines the transfer and learning of device functions into a simple touch action by the user. Using a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile phone, the IoT sensor hub is detected automatically and a user interface contextualised to the device functions is displayed. This interface can be used to control and display information about the device.

This re-usable, multipurpose and multi-use sensor platform is designed to be flexible and customizable based on the particular use case in very short timeframes.

With a highly scalable architecture, the IoT sensor hub can support up to 1,000 sensors on a single IoT network, and can operate in either standalone or cloud mode.

This sensor hub solution is suitable for use by:
- Technology service providers
- Businesses that are technologically-challenged, and have repetitive and labour-intensive processes
- Large enterprises
- Government and municipals

The applications may include:
- Precision Agriculture / Fisheries
- Cold Chain and Refrigeration Management
- Energy Management
- Asset Management
- Cleaning Services Management
- Building Management
- Data Centre Management
- Retail Management

The Singapore SME is keen to establish the following types of partnerships with industry players SMEs of all sizes or MNEs:

i) Licensing agreement where the partner could license the technology and further develop it to introduce it to its customers.

ii) Commercial agreement with technical assistance where the Singapore SME would provide support in installation and maintenance of the transferred technology.

Advantages & innovations

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The robust IoT sensor hub offers rapid and more convenient IoT deployment with little or no system configuration needed. The key advantages of this IoT sensor hub include: - Patented single touch IoT deployment using smart devices - Operates in standalone or cloud mode - Re-usable, multipurpose and multi-use sensor platform - Highly scalable architecture that can support up to 1,000 sensors on a single IoT network - Industrial grade design and manufacturing This sensor hub solution can be white labeled to suit different products and services. This offers adopters the opportunity to build new services, develop new revenue sources and business models, and accelerate time-to-market.

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Available for demonstration

Partner sought

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The desired partner could be an SME or MNE with the required sales, marketing and technical support network in the target country. The types of partnerships sought include: 1. Licensing: The partner can license and offer the technology to its customers, in return for a fee or share of royalties. 2. Commercial agreement with technical assistance: The Singapore SME can provide the following services to support the transfer of technology. This includes: a. Assistance with starting up an installation b. Advice on the use of a new process c. Quality control d. Technical consultancy e. Maintenance and machine repair