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Irish cloud-based solutions provider seeking foreign partners to distribute its product offering in the areas of environment, information communication technology and intelligent energy worldwide

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An Irish company has developed a digital-forms cloud based product with a series of functions that help organisations push tasks to and capture data from operatives in the field. The data can be used to identify trends, provide evidence of work done or prove adherence to regulations. The company are seeking distribution services agreements with foreign partners to distribute it's product offering in the areas of environment, information communication technology and intelligent energy.



An Irish company established in 2012 has developed a digital-forms based product that provides a cost effective and highly customised cloud based solution, to allow a company to capture data from their workers in the field. All digital forms are completely customised by the companies themselves – or they can choose from a bank of hundreds of templates that are used across several different sectors.

Reporting tools and dashboards can be fully customised by client and analysis tools include artificial intelligence and machine learning. A development team will adjust the product to suit a customer’s needs and integrate with other systems within the client's company.

Examples of uses:
1. Many major construction companies are using it as the
basis of their health and safety system – where risk
assessments, accident reports, near misses, etc are all
recorded in the system.
2. Utility servicing companies are using it to push work out to
their employees on the road – and push back the results of
that work to the utilities they are servicing.
3. Housing associations are using it to track all forms that must
be completed when a housing management officer visits
one of their properties
4. Companies are using it to perform a list of defects,
environmental assessments, sustainability assessments and
more corrective actions are raised and automatically routed
to the relevant personnel
5. Several companies are using it to capture time sheets and
materials used on site
6. Companies are using it to perform mandatory daily vehicle

The company have a small level of international collaboration and sales and would like to grow this part of the business through distribution service agreements to distribute its product offering in the areas of environment, information communication technology(ICT) and intelligent energy, to enhance the company capability and provide a distribution service on an international level.

Advantages & innovations

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The technology has a number of advantages such as: 1. Push work tasks to workers with details of what has to be done and easy options for the workers to provide proof that they have done it. 2. Defects – where an issue or problem can generate corrective actions that other workers must do 3. Health and safety forms 4. Forms required by housing authorities to manage their leases 5. Facilities management – forms to manage properties, service equipment at appropriate times, carry out repairs 6. Vehicle check forms

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Already on the market

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The company are seeking to find international distributors, who have experience in cloud based digital products, to distribute their digital-form cloud based product offering in a number of sectors including companies involved in the environment, information communications technology (ICT) and intelligent energy sector through a distribution service agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250