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Irish company active in the field of high quality refinishing and graphic application solutions seeks a services agreement

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Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
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Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics
Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.


This Irish company provides high quality re-finishing and graphic application solutions to businesses and manufacturing facilities. Its services include graphic or colour applications on all surfaces on elements not exceeding 1.5 square metres. The company has access to a multitude of colours, can apply graphics on multi-services, has a large production capacity, can offer bespoke services to its clients. The company wishes to engage in a long-term services agreement.



The company's technology enables different colours and graphics alike to be printed onto a three-dimensional (3D) surface of any kind. The company can provide 3D graphic print onto any hard surface. Rather than using plain colour alone, customers can have a customised finish on their product, be it for bespoke individual orders or for larger quantities, if required. Specifically, the company can provide hydrographic 3D print, aquagraphics, cubic print, respraying, refinishing, colouring, graphic application and chemical bonding.
The company envisages that via a services agreement, it could provide solutions to businesses and manufacturing facilities, with its high-quality finishing and graphic application solutions.

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- The company has access to all colours worldwide and has the ability to apply 3 Dimensional (3D) graphics imitating wood, carbon fibre, and flame or camouflage effects via cubic printing or vinyl film. - Specialised know-how and ability to provide out of the box solutions - Ability to apply thermo-chromic effect (elements changing colour when surface temperature reaches over a certain temperature, or when exposed to ultraviolet / UV rays). - Large production capability, low shipping costs and fast turnaround time - Comprehensive refinishing solutions in a large scale of production, with a rich variety of unique finishes specific to customers' needs.

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The company seeks a long-term services agreement with prospective partners. The company would need to work within the manufacturer's or wholesaler's facilities. The company would then introduce their machines and manufacturing processes into the customer's location, hire and train staff, hire specialists in the field to supervise manufacturing processes etc. Partners should be well-established within their respective fields, with existing financial means to cover the cost of such modification - rather than working on the basis of future profits. The company developed a technology that enables different colours and graphics alike to be printed onto a three dimensional (3-D) surface of any kind. Potential partners would then be required to change their manufacturing/resale process, for example, rather than colourising elements in factory, they would choose to send raw product to the company, where they could then provide cheaper production run painting services. 3-D graphic can be printed onto any hard surface and thus, customers' orders can be bespoke.