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An Irish company offers a unique optical comb source and photonic integrated circuit (PIC) solutions applicable to many markets including communications, spectroscopy, sensing and metrology for licensing and commercial distribution agreements worldwide.

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An Irish company has developed a disruptive comb laser technology that can displace the “single mode” lasers that have been used in this market for more than two decades. The technology is applicable to many markets including communications, spectroscopy, sensing and metrology. The opportunity is to licence or seek commercial distribution agreements of the differentiated solutions into the global laser market to grow the business internationally.



The company's four categories of products allow a flexible business model by providing “bare chips” which are the basic photonic integrated circuits designed. The company integrates its photonic integrated circuit (PIC) solutions into fully turn-key solutions for industrial, research and original equipment manufacturer customers looking to evaluate the technology. The four classes of product delivered are:
• Bare chips – designed by company, requires outsourced foundry partner
• Chip on subcarrier – uses outsourced packaging partner at high volumes
• Packaged chips – uses outsourced packaging partner
• Opto-electronic Modules or transceivers – designed by company
The company has designed, developed and productized many photonic integrated chip designs as detailed below.
The available products are;
• Next-Generation Passive Optical Network 2 (NG-PON2) – Next generation standard for fibre to the home and a key technology for 5G wireless networks. 5G networks are an order of magnitude faster than existing networks. They require many more base station network nodes than existing networks. Speed and higher node count create challenging requirements for the next-generation passive optical network 2 devices used in 5G. The company will be one of the first to market with a fully compliant device.
• Super channel / comb – required for the emerging super channel transport and data centre markets for transmission speeds in the terabit range. Terabit speeds are a factor 10 higher than the current highest data network speeds. The company will be one of the first to market with the world’s smallest terabit photonic integrated circuit (PIC) device.
• Atomic clock solutions. Using the core capabilities of comb technology will deepen its capability alongside the European space agency’s funded research products.
• Comb source modules - This product is a hardware integration of comb laser launched in 2018 as an evaluation tool for laboratories and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) wishing to evaluate, design and integrate laser comb technology into their products.
Aside from direct product sales, company uses its intellectual property rights (IPR) and photonic integration capabilities to generate revenue in the following ways:
1. Licenses for other companies to:
a. produces products at high volume based on company designs or patents
b. specific products in certain geographical territories, or application fields of use.
Licenses are typically sold in conjunction with professional services (e.g. fab support service) in case (a) or a product supply agreement in case (b).

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The company’s competitive advantage is its ability to generate optical combs using photonic integration. In the communications market these new lasers offer the disruptive value proposition of: • Increase in network capacity. • ultimate spectral efficiency. • reduced cost. • reduced footprint. • reduced power consumption. • Increase in performance through nonlinear compensation.

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The Irish company is looking to work with the following companies: telecommunications, datacenter, spectroscopy, sensing and metrology companies. The company is also looking for companies in the photonics fabrication and photonics packaging industries to help implement a disruptive comb laser technology that can displace the “single mode” lasers that have been used in this market for more than two decades by either to have the opportunity to licence the technology into existing companies or seek commercial distribution agreements to help grow the business to reduce the power consumption internationally.

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>500 MNE,SME 51-250,>500