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An Irish company seeks suppliers of Ash timber planks

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A small Irish company specialising in the manufacture of hurleys is seeking a supplier of Ash planks cut to size. Ideally the Ash trees, from which the planks are cut should have a smooth bark and be 25-40 years old. The type of agreement sought is a supplier agreement with a partner who can meet the specifications required for the Irish company.



A small Irish manufacturer has been providing quality hurleys since 2012. A hurley is a wooden stick used in the renowned Irish sports of hurling and camogie. It measures between 45 and 96 cm long with a flattened, curved base at the end. The curved base provides the striking surface for the leather sliotar ball and a hurler will expect to use several hurleys over the course of the hurling season. The hurleys often break if two players collide in the course of a game,

The company are looking to buy in bulk ash planks cut to size and the timber does not have to be dried. hurleys are made from ash wood cut from the base of the tree near the root. The planks need to be 1”-1”1/8 in thickness, and diameter at breast height should be approx. 30 cm. Ideally the trees should have a smooth bark and should be 25-40 years old. The Irish company is looking for a partner to enter into a supplier agreement. The partner should have the capability of fulfilling the technical specifications required for the Ash planks by the Irish company in the manufacturing of their hurleys.

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With 7 years of market experience in the market of providing a good quality product with a reliable customer service. The company produces a qualify product for the market.

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The Ash Planks do not need to be dried and should be cut from the bottom 1.2 m of the Ash tree. The trees ideally need to be 25-40 years old an have a smooth bark. The Ash planks diameter at breast height should be approx. 30 cm and 1"-1 1/8" in thickness

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Already on the market

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The partner should be a reliable producer or distributor of Ash timber who can supply ash planks under the required specifications for the manufacture of hurleys.

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SME 11-50,SME <10