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Irish company specialising in peer learning through a customised platform is looking to expand its company globally through different types of partnership opportunities

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Irish company established in 2018 specialising in enhanced peer learning through a custom build platform that allows for connection between professionals to create mutually beneficial exchanges, turning training and events into effective peer-to-peer learning experiences. The company is requesting commercial, licensing, joint ventures and/or subcontracting agreements with training and educational technology providers.



Since its establishment in 2018 this Irish company has grown its business, which provides a comprehensive platform to connect professionals remotely to exchange knowledge and experience to accelerate their success.

The company is requesting commercial, licensing, joint ventures and/or subcontracting agreements with training and educational technology (edtech) providers.

This company enables clients to actively and extensively improve their professional knowledge through professional networks, learning and training. Working on the premise that every person has a unique skillset, gathered and refined over years of experience in different industries, this platform allows professionals to connect people who are looking for specialised knowledge, and people ready to share their knowledge.

This platform can be customised to create a public global network, or deployed securely for use only within one organisation. The result is a searchable skills catalogue of a company or network, helping connect individuals with the knowledge they need.

This company has produced a proprietary algorithm for matching members of a group based on complementary skills and interests as well as developed a unique toolbox of processes and software solutions. Backed by intense research in the area of peer learning, training expertise and business acumen.

This company facilitates clients to:
(a) Identify what people really want to know
(b) Find the knowledge in the room and match participants
(c) Facilitate peer learning and productive conversations
(d) Unlock and share those insights for the wider group.

Advantages & innovations

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This company offers a wide range of advantages and innovations for its clients and partners including: - A holistic, context sensitive and collaborative method of learning as a complement to or substitute for the common competitive and individualistic styles. - Makes peer learning a central part of client companies training strategy helping to realise the benefits for all, not just the most socially adept or best networked. - The platform allows people seeking to learn to find experienced, reliable people who will share deep knowledge. Through guidance, the seeker can fill in the gaps in their own knowledge and maximise their potential. - The platform can help somebody who is starting out, changing roles, or moving up the career ladder. It can also accelerate the success of a company, whilst spreading best practices, and building valuable learning networks across geographic and departmental barriers. - The company’s services could be of benefit to a potential partner through the provision of training, exchange of knowledge around peer learning or other creative proposals and joint ventures.

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Already on the market

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Depending on the partnership agreed the role will depend. Commercial agency agreement Working with a business partners across the world who would sell the companys services to their own respective customers in a revenue split structure or otherwise. The opportunity for a training provider to become a service provider, to include the service as a part of the partner company's catalogue. Joint Venture agreement This company's unique approach has been very successful when used in combination with other training or edtech providers. Creative, collaborative joint ventures could be mutually beneficial in growing both partners and generating new customers. License agreement Licensing agreement would enable partner companies to license the company's algorithm, platform or peer learning processes. Allowing partners to use efficient technology to achieve effective knowledge sharing outcomes with minimal preparation and time. Subcontracting agreements Looking to subcontract to peer learning partners from training or edtech firm who provide formal training, eLearning, coaching or mentoring. In return subcontracting partners can expand their offering range by incorporating the products under their own brand.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500