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Irish high quality food industry packaging company is looking for commercial agency agreements in the Benelux and surrounding EU countries, with a focus on agencies with a knowledge of the meat and dairy industry.

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Irish company offering high-quality packaging solutions for the food industry. Specialising in packing for fresh products including dairy, and meats. Specialist in BoneGuard and BoneGuard V for meat and aluminium butter wrap. This company is looking for commercial agency agreements in Benelux and surrounding EU countries.



This company established in 2019 is the amalgamation of two successful companies with combined expertise of over 57 years in their respective markets of waxed coated and flexible packaging into the fresh dairy and meat industries. Previously both companies have proven expertise and successfully covered niche products.

The core objective of the company is to create a business with the ability to supply unique and superior performing flexible packaging, to a complete range of niche markets such as fresh meat and dairy industries.

This company has a vast array of packaging options with options for products that require packaging made from plastics, and paper.

This company also specialises in the packaging used by the fresh meat processing industry to protect Bone-In meats from puncturing the outer packaging. This consists of a hybrid material comprised of polyester & wax this creates a tough but flexible product allowing processors and packers added protection for their product. Using precision engineering products are calibrated to exact measurements of wax absorption during the manufacturing process.

The aluminium butter wrap provides a complete, impermeable barrier. 

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- Grade AA Certification, as per the BRC IoP (British Retail Consortium / Institute of Packaging) Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. - Wide range of plastic products including: trays, casings, vacuum bags, food boards, and film. - Packaging options for ingredients including: mixes, spices, crumbs and marinades. - Packaging options for butters/margarines including: laminated, parchment, and waxed paper. - Uses precision engineering to create superior products for use in Bone-In meat products. - Most products can be customised to suit specific needs of clients.

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Already on the market

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This company is looking to work with agencies in a commercial agency agreement. The agency will need to have a knowledge of the meat and dairy industries, especially those with a focus and operating in the flexible packaging area. A one-person agency operator is not a limiting factor, smaller companies who can focus on the company products would be potentially more appealing. Having an approved business credit rating for insurance purposes is essential. There will be a % on sales with a monthly retainer for the agent as part of the agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden


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