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Irrigation system for vertical cultivation

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An inventor from Sweden have developed a patented versatile irrigation system for vertical cultivation of ornamental and edible plants. In order to faster bring this solution to the market she is now offering the technology for acquisition, licensing or commercial agreement with technical assistance to partners active in the vertical growing system, cultivation and/or gardening equipment business on a global basis.



Our society is demanding a transition towards healthier and more habitable cities where green spaces are essential. To achieve this transition, it is necessary to develop innovative ideas that allow the integration of plant cultivation into spaces of daily and commercial use.

The inventor behind the solution have her background as researcher at a world renowned Plant and Science Center in Sweden. Leading a research group focusing on forest genetics and plant physiology the basis of she irrigation system comes from a combination of deep academic knowledge and a strong will of contributing to a transition towards healthier and more habitable cities.

She has developed a versatile irrigation system for vertical cultivation of ornamental and edible plants. Irrigation is based on gravity and it is suitable for both hydroponic and soil-based systems. It has been designed to trap the water and release it to each plant individually by accounting for each plant water requirements. The water can be released either through holes or through absorbent matrix. The system is suitable for any size and shape.

In order to faster bring the solution to the market they are now looking for a partner with vast experience from the home and/or professional cultivation industry. She is open to several cooperation forms; it can both be that the partner acquires or license the IP and through technical assistance from the researcher adjust the product to the partners intended application area for the technology i.e. green walls and cultivation both for amateur and professional usage.

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The patented irrigation system has been designed to utilize water efficiently, to release and adjust water availability to each plant individually and to be suitable for both hydroponics and soil-based cultivations and for any size and shape. The irrigation system distributes water evenly and at the required spots (ie., near the roots). Even distribution of water avoids problems of excess of moisture and in the contrary of water deficiency (drought). Even distribution of water increases productivity and decreases fungi proliferation caused by an excess of moisture. The irrigation system does not require an electric system to pump the water. Avoiding electrical parts makes the system more eco-friendly and it also facilitates its international export. The irrigation system can be adapted to any final product size or shape, for example it can be adapted to a stackable cylinder or square tower or to a flat vertical wall.

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Available for demonstration

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Industrial partner manufacturing and marketing vertical growing systems i.e. green walls. Companies involved in the cultivation and gardening equipment business willing to bring the irrigation solution to the market. The founder can consider an acquisition of the IP, licensing or an commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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