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An Israeli Agri-Tech company that has developed advanced technological irrigation solutions is seeking distributors.

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The Israeli Agri-Tech company developed precise irrigation control solutions and agriculture sensors for irrigation decision support. The main advantage of the system is its ability to work fully autonomously and execute irrigation decisions with no human intervention. The company is seeking distributors under a distribution services agreement.



The Israeli company is developing, manufacturing and marketing agricultural wireless soil sensors and irrigation controllers. The advanced technologically automated irrigation system is suited to control irrigation and fertilization of all types of fields, plants, and greenhouses.

The manufacturing, assembling and developing centre is based in Israel and includes experienced engineers and agriculture researchers.

The company provides farmers with two technological solutions. The first solution helps them monitor their crop's irrigation efficiency using wireless soil sensors while the second solution is a fully autonomous irrigation control system based on its feedback from wireless sensors, the calculation is done by a mathematical algorithm. The system is capable of autonomously deciding when and how much to irrigate, and it executes the irrigation decision without human intervention at all.

The products include an irrigation monitoring and controlling system for small-medium irrigation systems composed of the following segments: Single valve irrigation controller with input for flow meter, powered by 2 D size batteries. Suitable for 12-24v DC power hydraulic valves. Indoor / Outdoor wireless soil sensors – tensiometers, powered by 2 C size batteries. Autonomous (sensor and algorithm-based) or volume-based irrigation. Loop irrigation and proportional fertigation. Cellular gateways with RF communication module to controllers and sensors. Private propriety functionality/algorithms for controlling the infiltration depth to which the user wants to irrigate.

The company is already active in export markets, but wishes to expand its business further. The company is therefore looking for distributors in new territories / countries. The partners will be in charge of expanding the company's sales.

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• The company is one of the world’s pioneering companies within the method of autonomous irrigation systems. • The product can be controlled from all over the world via website or smartphone applications. • Low powered tensiometers (regular pack of batteries will enable 2-3 years of work.) self-rechargeable gateways. • Turn-key solution for irrigation with integrated closed-loop sensors enabling high precision in irrigation and high control over the crop quality and quantity. • The product is easy to operate and affordable

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for distributors, who would ideally be small to medium-sized companies, experienced in marketing and sale of irrigation systems. The potential partner will be in charge of expanding the company's sales. Particular tasks of the distributor will be determined during the negotiations, according to the potential partner features and the characteristics of the target market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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