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Israeli automotive technology vendor in the telematics, vehicle security and IoT spaces, is seeking partners through manufacturing agreements

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An Israeli technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of high quality and modular solutions for automotive construction as well as automotive service providers. The company provides its solutions to the telematics, fleet management, vehicle security, as well as other spaces. The company is seeking partners for manufacturing partnerships to move their business forward.



Established in 1985, the Israeli SME, designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of modular solutions based on a range of wireless technologies (cellular, radio frequency, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), location technologies (global positioning system, global navigation satellite system, galileo and more), and numerous of interfaces to sensors and third-party add-ons products.

The company's solutions support almost every application of connected cars, advanced telematics, and fleet management requirements. The company's solutions offer all these while improving the protection, management, and diagnostics of vehicles, fleets, and valuable assets reducing operational costs for both the service provider and the end customer.

For original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1 partners, they offer customized solutions for their specific needs, providing them tools to strengthen customer relations while offering them additional products and services during the vehicle's lifespan, obtain important real-time information about vehicle’s systems failure and accidents, and increase revenue even after the expiration of the warranty.

For manufacturing agreement cooperation, the company is looking for Tier1 suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to work directly and customizes their solutions to the partner needs.

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The company designs technology that is flexible enough for services providers and original equipment manufacturers to customize according to their needs. It's very common that the company designs special requirements for partners just to allow them to win a tender or offer more values to a specific niche etc. The company has many patented technologies and solutions that can be used by potential partners and create real value and advantages for them in their field. The company believes in allowing potential partners with the ability to choose and change their solutions after it is already installed with customers, with minimal hardware change requirements. This way, usually, they don’t need to replace anything, just add new hardware to an installed vehicle, as the project expands and new features are desired. All of the company's hardware manufacturing is all made in Israel and is in the highest quality of electronics for commercial markets.

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The company is looking for Tier1 suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to work with directly under manufacturing agreement and customizes their solutions to the partner needs.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500