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Israeli company producing mattresses and foam products is looking for distributors in Africa

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The Israeli company produces high-quality mattresses and foam products for hotels, military, hospitals, nursing homes, as well as baby mattresses and crib pads. The company is seeking distributors in Africa through a distribution service agreement.



The Israeli company, established in 1980, is a leading foam and mattresses producer and is seeking distributors of its products in Africa. The company offers a large variety of mattresses and foam products, including; military, hospitals, hotels and hostel mattresses, baby mattresses and crib pads, high-quality foam mattresses, foam as raw material for furniture applications, and foam wipes for medical patients. The company offers regular and stretcher mattresses with high-density polyurethane foam. Mushroom matresses which are unique for nursing care with a special cut designed to enable lifting of the head and legs, and unique mattresses which adjust itself to the shape the body and excels in pressure distribution. The company has a modern factory of 10,000 sqm facility equipped with state of the art machinery for production of high-quality mattresses and foam products. The company holds ISO certificate. They can roll-pack mattresses in high pressure and save up to 70% of its original volume (and consequently the transportation and storage costs). The company is seeking partners in order to distribute its products in Africa.

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-State of the art machinery in their 10,000 sqm facility. -Compression packing that can save up to 70% of foam or mattresses volume. -The company has competitive pricing, in which they are willing to sell at low margins in order to export. -They have full control of the manufacturing process from chemicals to foam to the end product. They manufacture everything in-house and meet high-quality standards. -The company is open to product adjustments according to clients' needs.

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The factory is looking for partners in order to distribute its foam and mattress products in Africa.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250