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Israeli company in the production and distribution of landscaping and greenhouse gardening materials for domestic and commercial use, is seeking to collaborate through a manufacturing, license or distribution agreement

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Israeli company manufacturing and distributing ornamental and practical plastic pots for plants and gardens for both domestic and commercial use. The factory produces plastic gardening materials from automated injection mold manufacturing methodologies and is seeking a manufacturing, license or distribution agreement.



Founded in 1970 in Nazareth, the company offers a full range of high-quality innovative line of nursery pots and decorative containers made from recycled polypropylene using automated injection-mold machines. Various types of quick drainage for flood-watering systems are available to cater to the specific needs of growers. The company specializes in the efficient production of its plastics at low costs and the distribution of its products on a global scale. The company already deals in global exports to many countries around the world and is interested in finding a partner to collaborate with through a manufacturing, distribution, and/or licensing agreement.

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- Innovative, efficient, low-cost method of manufacturing plastic products using in-house injection mold manufacturing facility suitable for mass production of products with complicated shapes -Ability to custom design gardening materials, using offset printing for customer's brand name to display on planters -Environmentally- friendly full range of high-quality innovative line of nursery pots and decorative containers made from recycled polypropylene, and environmentally- sustainable Biodegradable pots -Planters have a built-in stabilization system allowing for multi-purpose and use, to safely rest on balconies, fence posts, and other outdoor areas without causing damage or requiring installation, stackable planters available in variety of colors -Unique self-watering system allows full usage of reservoir water saving water then used by roots, with larger capacity than comparable products -UV protection to prevent color loss and cracking or melting of material due to extreme heat -Insulating characteristics promoting strong root development, ensuring roots are not adversely affected or damaged, suitable for exotic plants, cultivation, and transport - Already involved with global exportation, well-developed infrastructure

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Already on the market

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Partner sought for a manufacturing agreement, licensing agreement, and or distribution agreement to assist with the expansion of operations for the company, increase capacity, variety of offerings, customer market