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Israeli company specializing in advanced fire protection systems for commercial and military use is seeking distribution agreement

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Israeli company with over 70 years’ experience specializing in advanced fire protection systems for commercial and military use is seeking distribution agreement in order to expand sales of products across borders.



The company has long been recognized pioneer and leading provider of high quality Fire Protection systems. Incorporating the most advanced technologies, the solutions have proven themselves in every level of fire protection application.
Tailor-made solutions help global customers meet the challenges of the 21st century, delivering superior performance over a long service life at the most competitive price.

Fire protection, prevention, and suppression for commercial kitchens, buses, military vehicles, and oil storage tanks.

Most popular systems are for commercial kitchens (UL & EN) and for buses engine compartment R-107.

Military systems include Total Fire Protection Coverage Exclusive to the company, such as Multi-zone protection: crew compartment, engine, fuel tank, tires, battery compartment, and outer envelope. Based on extensive battlefield experience comprehensive systems protect any type of vehicles against fire.
Crew compartments are equipped with fire suppression agents shielding the crew in case of fire or high temperature with no need to evacuate into hostile area.

Reliable and cost effective fire protection systems backed by 24/7 dedicated technical support.

Systems include user-friendly control panels and dashboards so alerts are immediately visible and audible for early detection and accurate response information. Pyro-technically activated extinguishers, linear heat detectors provide continuous detection that are simple, cost-effective, and reliable.

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The company's suppression systems designed and meet the highest international standard, while maintaining competitive performances and prices. Products comply with the most stringent international standards and approvals such as FM, UL, EN, CE, MIL specs, etc. The company operates through leading distributors worldwide and with the most well-known buses body builders. Worldwide network of subsidiaries and international distributors, the company’s reputation has been established through a commitment to top quality sales and post sales services. The company holds several patents and approvals such as UL/FM, EN and CE Certified, MIL SPEC etc. Operational Efficiency, Outstanding Reliability- products benefit from decades of expertise and experience in the development, design and manufacture of Fire Protection Systems. Solutions provides highest operational efficiency and utmost reliability, offering unequaled operational quality. Environmental Considerations- comprehensive systems solutions maximize fire agent efficiency, constantly searching for new and better manufacturing materials and methods to ensure sustainability. Customized Solutions, Global Presence- Products customized to meet requirements of global customers such as Reliance, IOTL, Navistar and many others, in sectors such as Buses, Trains, Kitchen-Hood systems, Oil and Gas tank storage protection, Off-Road vehicles (Mines, Agriculture), Marine, Crane, Conveyors, Cellular antennas, CNC machines, Military. Distant sensing identifies fires occurring a distance from the sensor tubing to prevent spreading.

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Seeking distributors, bus body builders, and bus operators in Europe and Asia to expand customer base. Already have offices in USA, Europe, India, and Asia Pacific, and interested in distribution agreement with a particular focus on autobuses.