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An Israeli leading e-commerce development company is looking for local representatives to cooperate under commercial agency agreement

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An Israeli company specializes in e-commerce development, to assist retail brands and businesses to increase revenues via advanced developed technologies and strategies. Advantages of their offered solutions include high quality, experience and professionalism of the company team, technological creativity and innovation etc. The targeted partners are agents familiar with retail / e-commerce / digital marketing. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements.



Founded in 2012, the Israeli company has become a leading e-commerce development company, delivering leading B2B, B2C solutions. These are professional high-end sophisticated solutions helping retails, brands and businesses to increase revenues via advanced developed technologies and strategies. The e-commerce solutions provide clients with a business advantage and ability to adapt quickly to changes, positioning them at the forefront of technology. The company team includes experienced project and digital marketing managers, experts in e-commerce open source development who provide customized digital development solutions. All they specialize to convert business needs into terms of open source technological solutions. The company is Magento partner solution. Over many years, the company has developed e-commerce sites and business applications to various advanced services for a complete and seamless omnichannel experience for local and international companies. The services include:
1. E-commerce solutions provide advanced management, operation and analytic abilities resulting in more efficient processes and increased sales, from online stores to integrated platforms. All applications easily interface with other organizational commerce systems and integrate digital and offline channels.
2. Developed websites with advanced AI abilities customize user experience and generate personalized business offers.
3. Customized software, digital and mobile application solutions, help to realize business goals by using automation, providing employees with new skills and creating an extraordinary user experience.
4. Digital and mobile applications, native and hybrid, are based on the nature, service and target audience of the company. The applications are compatible with Apple and Android operating systems.
5. Plugins are developed for existing systems enabling to cope successfully with new challenges and needs of the company and its customers. That is to plan and identify smart efficient solutions, use comprehensive knowledge and deep familiarity with the platform to prevent conflicts with existing plugins and the system’s normal updates.
6. Technology and marketing experts with rich professional backgrounds consult and supervise to ensure maximum efficiency and revenues. That is to characterize the solution, formulate a work strategy, to manage on-line stores and trading floors, to promote it via variety of channels and customer retention.
7. Customized service program manages, supports, trains, optimizes various solutions based on the client’s needs, goals and the challenges it faces. It trains how to use the system, its various benefits, operational and technological aspects and ongoing technical support.
Every project begins by understanding the business needs and environment, in which the business is active and by identifying and characterizing its target audience. Having completed the development stage, the team continues to accompany client to achieve joint success.
To ensure a quick response to all business needs, the team works closely with it up to the site launch. Yet the team’s work doesn’t end there, but continues the business ongoing support for many years, delivering support, development and maintenance services. As part of their commitment to the business success, each project has a comprehensive warranty. The company combines innovation with technology solutions to help brands strengthening their potential on the variety of channels and platforms. The customers' behavior and business challenges are changing rapidly. The company will ensure its client to keep up to the pace of development and innovation.
The company expects a representative to expose it in open-source e-commerce platform solutions, enter leads to its services or advertise it in all local mass media / info sources digital agencies, e-payment / gateway solutions, e-commerce partners, courier solutions, under commercial agency agreement.

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1. Quality assurance. All the company developed products undergo strict and wide-ranging tests to prevent malfunctions and guarantee optimal benefits. 2. Expertise. The company motivation to be leader in its field causes its commitment to write high-quality professional code. Their team is formed of experienced professionals who are dedicated, innovative and bold. 3. The offered smart solutions, distinguished by their technological creativity and innovation, enable scalability and easy integration with new services and solutions. 4. Strategy. The company work methodology is based on analyzing client’s goals and developing customized solutions guaranteed to help a client to cope successfully with the challenges he may face along the way to meeting his goals. 5. The served clients confirm: - the company efficient and professional work with fine attention to details, - very good adaptation to requirements and doing things as quickly as possible, - good understanding a client’s market and business. It allows to launch a new website in short time that increases total sales greatly. - The company always helps, supports and suggests new ideas and solutions

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-Type - business, trade -Activity - agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge in retail / e-commerce /digital marketing -Role -1) to find local customers / his own clients - for them the company builds a platform and the agent markets it further in all means of information achievable 2) the agent enters leads to the company service or advertises the company in all local mass media / other info sources ;