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Israeli manufacturer of hybrid IoT water and air-conditioning solutions seeks international HVAC distributors for partnership

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Internet of Things
Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, …)
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Heat pump
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Israeli manufacturer of advanced and innovative air-conditioning systems for residential and light commercial applications. The company desire to expand its presence globally and export its products to international markets, thus it is looking for distributors around the world.



An Israeli company is offering a wide range of air conditioning solutions for residential and light commercial applications and heat pumps for water and space heating. The company has developed a unique concealed condensing unit that can be installed in enclosed places while mainlining the building façade. In addition, the company has developed an hybrid system which can both heat water while conditioning air. All the company’s products have IoT capabilities which enable connection to the service centre for 24/7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting. The company also possessed skilled & experienced ESCO division, which won a national tender of energy efficiency enhancement for all public hospitals in Israel. The company is seeking for HVAC distributors that will represent it through a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

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With over 60 years expertise in the air conditioning industry, the Israeli company is able to create the perfect environment through sophisticated, smart technology and innovative design. Pioneering R&D labs and globally recognized state of the art production facility challenge the industry with cutting-edge initiatives. The products deliver long lifespan and low maintenance. The company is committed to constantly innovate. Breakthrough technological developments, dedication to customer service, and experience in a highly competitive market guarantee that every customer enjoys a superior air experience. * Innovative products focus on overall air quality safety and improvement for urban, industrial, and medical facilities, rather than simply air temperature control * Recycles thermal energy for maximum efficiency * Aesthetically pleasing and concealed units do not interfere with structure and easy to install * IoT connectivity enables communication between unit, service center, and end user, for rapid response and superior maintenance * Dual-use hybrid products * Sophisticated energy-efficiency methodologies effectively reduce costs and resources

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The company is seeking distributors through commercial agency agreement or distribution agreement to market its products in their local territory, service and support them. The company wishes to expand the reach of its products to foreign markets under a distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250,>500