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Israeli manufacturer of innovative wound healing and closure solutions is looking for distributors

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The Israeli company has developed innovative and revolutionary wound healing and closure solutions. The technology allows for combined skin stretching device and enhanced wound healing by a novel oxygen enriched and irrigation assisted vacuum device for early and immediate wound closure. It seeks partners under distribution service agreement.



This Israeli medical device company specializes in research, design and development of cutting-edge wound healing and closure technologies. The company developed innovative devices and technologies that accelerate wound healing and closure that substantially accelerates wound closure. It was established back in 2010 and as of today its staff includes 6 employees.
The company identified the need for improving the current method of wound closure, which has limitations of long recovery time accompanied by substantial risks of infection. The device uniquely applies a tension relief mechanism, intended for management of simple and complex wounds for civil, military, and mass-casualty injuries applications. The device distributes the stress to the skin away from the wound edges, and so the tension on the scar can be substantially reduced, thus enabling closure of extremely hard-to-close, high tension wounds and improving the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of the scars. By its ability to effectively stretch the skin, it reduces the need for skin grafts and flaps.
With the purpose of promoting wound healing with minimizing risk of bleeding, the company also developed a cutting-edge non-pharmaceutical wound healing device, that applies regulated oxygen-enriched and irrigation negative pressure-assisted wound treatment (ROI-NPT) for enhancing healing of infected, complex and hard-to-heal wounds. For better detection and bleeding control, the device is equipped with specially designed user-friendly software, electronics, and alarms.
The company portfolio also includes an advanced hospital and home use portable ROI-NPT device, improving patient's ambulation, expanding its treatment arena to the growing field of home care wound therapy, including rural area and low-resource settings.
The company operates under ISO 13485, the devices are FDA and CFDA approved. They are in the final stage of the CE certificate renewal. Products were granted patents in the US, Canada, Europe and other countries.
The company is already active overseas and exports to countries including: China, Hong Kong, Kenya and Panama. They wish to expand their international activity and therefore look for distributors in the field of medical devices that specialize in similar products and technologies. Disturbers role would be to help the company reach its end customers: hospitals and doctors.

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- The presented technologies provide breakthrough solutions in wound treatment and are the most important non-pharmaceutical physical platform technology developed and applied for wound healing in the last two decades. - Optimal, safe and simple wound closure, even in areas where tissue stretching is difficult -The solution is utilized in a broad scope of conditions in trauma, surgery, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, rehabilitation etc. - The technology simplifies surgical procedures, shorten hospital length of stay, and reduces the need for antibiotics. - This novel technology is intended for the management of chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute and dehisced, small to medium size wounds, small partial-thickness burns and ulcers. - Rapid recovery, the area can be moved immediately after surgery. -The product comes in different lengths depending on the location and size of the wound - Also suitable for animal care

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The company wishes to further expand the international side of business and is therefore looking for reliable distributors. Distributors should have experience in the field of surgery, wound healing technologies, medical equipment supply for hospitals. The partners would help sell the company’s products to hospitals and doctors. The potential partner could be small to medium sized enterprises. The partners’ task would be to increase company’s sales in their local market.

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