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An Israeli manufacturer of protection products for interior finishes during construction is searching for partners under distribution services agreement

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Construction methods and equipment
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This Israeli manufacturer develops and produces a reliable temporary protection product that can protect finished flooring against mechanical and chemical damage, including heavy weight tools that damage floors during construction. They are looking for distributors of construction materials under a distribution services agreement.



This Israeli company manufactures premium temporary, multiple-use protection products for floor and interior finishes during new home, office construction, and restoration or renovation projects.
Their patented products provide a two-layered protective cover that reduces the risk of damage to finished floors, doors, stairs, baths, windows, closets and more on site, hence reducing cost and delay caused by replacement or repair of elements.
They manufacture their products in-house, using an originally designed line of production, compliant to CE, ISO and other international standards. The products were tested for many years in public and private building projects, built by the sister construction company, before they were introduced to the market. This ensures high quality and compliance with builder requirements and needs, such as maintaining safe and solid working surface, fast and easy application and removal, adjustable to any shape, reusable, including easy storage and efficient transportation. The products provide the highest level of protection against impact, scratches and spills.

The products can be used in a variety of construction and renovation sites, such as home and office, public institutes, hotels, hospitals, ship building and DIY projects.
The company already exports to the US and some EU member countries, and currently is searching for distributors of construction materials and equipment, specifically those that specialize in construction finishing and flooring, to distribute their protective covers to builders, construction sites, DIY renovators etc., under distribution services agreement.

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Easy Implementation Eco-friendly Research backed and widely tested Provides a cushion tiles while an excellent stiff working surface Cuts easily Lightweight Reusable Easy to fold and store for future use It is water and liquid (chemical) proof Prevents damage from heavy acids Excellent in cost/benefit test

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for distributors of materials and equipment for construction that could sell its products to builders, construction sites, DIY renovators etc, under distribution services agreement. The distributors will preferably specialize in construction finishing and the supply of flooring protection.

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>500 MNE,251-500,>500