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An Israeli SME specializing in ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions for textile and apparel industry is looking for commercial agency agreement.

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ERP - Electronic Resources Planning
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An Israeli SME specializing in software solutions for management in clothing & textile industry is offering a new ERP-solution. Its greatest advantage is quick implementation (self-adaptation, with minimal adjustments) in any textile / clothing production process management. The solution suits to both single and multi-stage production. It is platform independent (portable), advanced, web-based, cloud enabled, etc. The company is looking for commercial agency, distribution and services agreement



The Israeli company was established in 1987 aimed to develop and support an integrative information system for all types of textile & clothing industry. The company brought together two sets of expertise: textile managers, highly familiar with the sector's working practices, and a competent software house, specializing in ERP (enterprise resource planning) aspects. Particularly for textile and apparel sector, the experts were targeted to create: a) a special ERP application, self-adapting to working practice of each company, b) a service model, long-term commitment to create software solutions with extended life-cycles that grow and support the user's changing business operations in years.
The company managed the task and nowadays is a leader in its field due to its stability, 25 years in the market, largest textile & apparel install base, professional staff, industrial know-how, latest and widely accepted technology, a proven track record of the on-time on-budget delivery. No other solution at this level exists in the world. The company ABS (application building solution) grants fast effective development of additional functions and enhancements. They provide full integration to ADC (automated data collection systems), their own scheduling and business intelligence solutions, fast and seamless integration with any financial solution, ability to use most of existing infrastructures. The company guarantees a fit to an industry specific RFP (request for proposal) by implementing its standard solutions.
The textile process differs from the others, and each company has its uniqueness, the suite of the company offered solutions manages to account for all the factors (also as they change) and is a success on the market.
Today the company offers a modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for textile & clothing industry in all fields of management. The system adapts itself to the clothing & textile process enabling quick textile system implementation by its definitions, with minimal customizations. The solution handles all processes of production, scheduling, planning, inventory, logistics and marketing. A client gets a dedicated platform, which functions have grown up over 20 years, as a result of feedback of industrial people using it daily. Every significant step in the textile & apparel supply chain is fully catered for. Besides, the solutions are on the latest technological level. The current software uses advanced Web standards like Java EE and XML to provide users with the latest advantages in supply-chain integration and IT. While the total cost of ownership for the company solution in the medium-to-long term is well under that of the solutions currently on the market. No other ERP provides a totally modern web-based, cloud-enabled solution for textile & garment industry. All this is a result of: a)world largest textile install base – over 500 customers, b)largest number of 44 countries with installed offered solutions running in 14 languages, c)hundreds of satisfied customers, tens of thousands concurrent users, d)over 25 years activity at the same focus & ownership, e)constant investing high percentage of revenue in R&D, f)active product laboratory, g)advanced technology (web services, etc.) & full integration of shop floor and corporate systems to the offered ERP solution, h) full suite of fully integrated solutions for all activity steps, i)textile and apparel planning & scheduling. The solutions suit whole textile/apparel supply chain, for both vertically integrated and 1-2 staged processes.
The company is seeking cooperation under commercial agency, distribution and services agreements. The potential partners may be software houses in textile/apparel field, agencies selling equipment/machines for these fields (e.g. dyeing, weaving, cut and sew machines, etc.) able to present the company system. The textile/apparel companies looking for software solutions to improve their management are welcome.

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Innovative ERP-solution, adapted to the clothing/ textile industry, enables quick implementation of a textile system by the system definitions offered, at minimal adjustments. It is the only vertical ERP-system that provides for: a)the solution based on latest web-based technology, already running on the cloud, b)annual new versions and functionality upgrades - one of only a few companies providing annually a new software release upgrade, which is included in the maintenance agreement c)fully manned helpdesk facilities in 14 languages, d)competence networks in 5 continents providing local support, e)access to world's largest and best trained ERP-consultants and group of solution users in textile and apparel. The company is in a textile and apparel niche, so its consultants’ rich experience allows the offered delivery & implementation solution to be much shorter than that of the competitors. Besides, the offered ERP-solution has the following advantages: a)portability – platform independence, b)web based, c)homogeneous for both internal (intranet) & external (internet / extranet) networks, d)multi-device (monitor, palm, mobile phone, etc.), e)native multi-language support, f)multimedia process / data customization by user via the “Template” & “Policy” settings, g)user interface personalization via the user interface tool, h)fast development of policies & new fully integrated classes using ABS, i)integration with other systems via web services, j)cloud enabled.

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Type - business, trade -Activity - distributor / agent / representative (companies or private people) with experience/ knowledge in textile and apparel industry, familiar with main players and having basic contacts in the market; - who has ability to sell the software products; - who is able to implement / install software solutions; - with understanding / experience in ERP & CRM-solutions Those might be: - software houses interested in textile / apparel field, - agencies selling equipment / machines for textile / apparel field (e.g., dyeing , weaving machines, cut and sew machines / equipment) on parallel presenting the company system, - textile / apparel companies looking for software solutions for management. -Role – 1) pre-sale presentation, 1-st basic representation of the company, its solutions / products, implementation service, 1-st product support;