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An Israeli SME specializing in technologies and small electronic devices in the cosmetic field is looking for representatives and distributors

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An Israeli company specializing in the field of the cosmetic / beauty care electronic devices has developed innovative device with anti-aging activity. Advantages include great efficiency, long lasting results and ease of use (once a week only). The targeted partners are representatives / distributors in local markets with knowledge / contacts in the field of small electronic devices used for beauty care. The company is looking for commercial agency / distribution services agreement.



The Israeli hi-tech cosmetic and beauty care company develops, manufactures and markets advanced aesthetic solutions for professional-quality beauty treatments in the comfort of customer’s own home. The company was founded by leading experts in medical aesthetics who have created technologies for the world foremost medical aesthetic clinics and transformed them into affordable, hand-held beauty treatments, with proven results. With advanced professional technologies (intense pulsed light (IPL), radio frequency (RF), iontophoresis) the company has created a line of revolutionary skin care and beauty products that bring clinical-grade techniques to customer’s home. The scientists of the company constantly work on new ways for hair removal, exfoliation, anti-aging treatments, to improve current technology in the safest, simplest, and most effective manner possible. They have created proprietary revolutionary safety mechanisms for their beauty devices to safely achieve visible, long-term results at home.
All their beauty treatments and skin-care products are clinically approved, ergonomically designed to be as intuitive to an individual as it is simple to use, provide powerful, long-lasting results that were developed with the individual’s specific needs in mind.
The company exports its products to European and other countries.
Today the company presents its new anti-aging device. It uses dynamic RF waves, which gently penetrate the skin tissue, right into the dermal layers where collagen fibres are found. When these collagen fibres are heated to the correct and safe temperature, collagen production is stimulated, improving the skin elasticity. The device has two electrode fingers that gently and continuously move across the skin of the treated area. This dynamic action enables multiple RF wave to penetrate different skin layers simultaneously covering wider skin tissue volume while enhancing microcirculation for a more intense, more effective treatment. The device also includes specialized sensors that constantly ‘read’ customer’s skin condition, adjusting the temperature to ensure a more personalized and safe treatment.
It’s a unique dual action process: while the fingers of the device move continuously across the skin, the clinically proven dynamic RF technology allows the radio waves to penetrate multiple layers of skin simultaneously. This powerful combination maximizes treatment efficiency, allowing multiple RF waves to reach a wider range of skin layers more evenly. Just one treatment causes collagen stimulation, resulting in tighter skin instantly.
In 2019 the company plans to develop / manufacture a new wireless version of the device.
The company is looking for partners - representatives, agents and distributors who would find and bring local customers, end-users - individuals willing to buy the products online or in stores. The partners sought should be engaged by their knowledge and contacts in the field of small electronic devices / beauty tools used in cosmetics, or in the field of electronic products

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The offered electronic device is based on use of innovative advanced dynamic RF-technology and is the only one capable to work with it, while those on the market work only with static RF technology. The innovation causes the following advantages: 1. It’s enough to use once a week, while those on the market require 5 days a week use, 2. It is the most advanced device for wrinkle reduction, 3. It uses unique double-safety mechanism, 4. It demonstrates long lasting results, 5. It shows impressive results from the very first treatment

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Already on the market

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-Type - business, trade -Activity - distributor / agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge in small electronic devices, cosmetic products (devices, beauty tools), contacts in the fields; local market knowledge; the company provides training and instructions / assistance to its agents. -Role - to find local customers.