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An Israeli textile supplier of finished fabrics, accessorized bedding and other sewn goods is looking for joint venture, distribution or manufacturing agreements

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An Israeli company is producing and supplying worldwide finished fabrics and fully accessorized sewn goods for home bedding fashion. The services provided by the company include design, printing, finishing, sewing, and shipment worldwide. The company is looking for a joint venture, distribution or manufacturing agreement, in order to be able to reach new markets and expand its product sales.



This Israeli company is an international home textile manufacturer. They supply finished fabrics and sewn goods that are fully accessorized, using high-quality fabrics. The company provides full services, starting from design, printing, finishing, sewing, and shipment worldwide. They operate through short term supply (3 weeks for fabric, a total of 6 weeks for sewn goods) while offering flexibility in minimum quantities. They have an environmentally friendly factory, that uses environment-friendly biogas.

The company is looking for a joint venture, distribution or manufacturing agreement, to expand awareness and sales of the product.
Under the distribution agreement, the company is willing to cooperate with distributors abroad, who will be distributing the company’s textile products in their local markets.
Under a manufacturing agreement, the company is ready to offer services of manufacturing in Israel for foreign partners.
Under a joint venture agreement the company is willing to establish joint venture abroad to jointly manufacture textile.

Advantages & innovations

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The company offers: • fast delivery, • design team with a large design library, • availability and easy communication, • large stock of fabrics (from acrylic to sateen 1200), • small minimum quantities, • high quality fabrics and sewing, • innovation team – unique printing and finishing. • environmentally friendly manufacturing (Oeko-Tex, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), biogas). The company provides all services (from design to shipping final product) and also offers complete solutions in the areas of bedding textiles, curtains, upholstery fabrics and tablecloths. Apart from being the largest producers of fabrics in Israel, company also export to various countries around the world including: USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Taiwan, Greece and many others.

Partner sought

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The company is looking for joint venture, distribution or manufacturing agreements. Ideally these partners for collaboration would be mid-high market chain stores, hotels and hospitals, agents, e-commerce. With these desired partnerships, the company aim to grow the sales of their businesses through the new markets their products will be available in.


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