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Italian company dedicated to the production of different kinds of artisanal ricotta cheese is looking for distributors.

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The Italian company, located in the heart of Apulia in 1987, is specialized in artisanal cheesemaking. It's speciality is a ricotta-based line, baked, enriched with a wide range of delicious fragrances, both sweet and savory: lemon, coffee, cocoa, almond, blueberry, pear, pistachio etc. The company is looking for distributors that work with high quality gourmet food products.



This company is an Italian producer of artisanal and high-quality cheese, manufactured under their own well-known brand.
Founded in 1987, the company proposes the typical taste and sweetness of the Apulian gastronomic tradition.
In fact, the family-run company has created a line of products, both sweet and savory, based on ricotta, baked and enriched with a wide range of delicious fragrances (lemon, coffee, cocoa, almond, blueberry, pear, pistachio etc.).
The products are cakes that can be eaten for breakfast, after a meal or for a snack.
The secret of its products is the main ingredient, fresh ricotta, without any addition of flour and eggs, which characterizes the product for 80%.
It is a traditional niche product, which recalls the classic flavor and all the tradition linked to the cuisine of the Apulian mothers. The ricotta used is fresh from the day, made from buffalo milk and cow's milk and vacuum-packed with a protective atmosphere.
The company is an affirmed reality in the production of ricotta-based products.
They supply restaurants and specialized shops in gastronomy, from Italy and from all over the world.
The company is looking for commercial partners such as distributors in order to expand its sales network both in the European market and abroad. A distribution services agreement is offered.

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The advantages of the offer is first of all the tastes and fragrances created by the company team, that offer a vast and delicious choice. Each form of cheese is made with fresh ricotta of the day made from cow's milk, buffalo milk and sheep's milk and vacuum-packed to safeguard its fragrance and guarantee the highest quality, genuineness and tasty delights of ricotta cakes. The preservation of the baked ricotta is guaranteed by the thermal abatement to give a duration of 60 days, maintained, as well as by the refrigerator cold chain, thanks to an effective packaging that although preserving it from further microbial aggression, does not prevent the sight and the pleasantness shapes just to remember the cakes of the grandmother.

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The company is looking for commercial partners willing to work with high quality gourmet food products. Its ideal partners are distributors that work with shops specialised in gourmet products in the European market and abroad.

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SME 11-50