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Italian company offering support on raw material re-use and waste recovering in the textile sector under outourcing or subcontracting agreement

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Italian company operating since 2004 in the recovery of critical raw material and waste disposal is looking for partners in the Fashion Industry to provide Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and support for the optimization of raw material and waste management according to a circular economy approach. The client would like to collaborate with partners from France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.



The company has a consolidated experience in the field of waste recovery and management, treatment of industrial waste water and waste shipping.

The company is looking for commercial partners in the textile sector to offer its support for the management of the textile raw material and the increase of the waste recovery rates.
The company offers its experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in order to determine the Organization Environmental Footprint (OEF) and/or the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) to help the partner in the optimization of its production cycle and waste management process.

The client is looking for outsourcing agreement and subcontracting agreement.

The sought partner should be operating in the textile industry and willing to improve its production process according to LCA principles and management of raw material and waste according to a circular economy apporach.

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The client has a large and international experience supporting companies in applying the principles of circular economy in their activity. The client has experience with multiple sectors at international level (Aerospace, Cement, Chemical, Energy, Metallurgy, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Refinery, Technical gases, Textile, Water Treatment) in the field of waste brokerage, export / import practices according to Regulation 1013/2006, reclamation of contaminated sites and dismantled facilities. The company is a leader in the waste recovery sector thanks to its quality standards, the know-how of the most advanced recovery and disposal technologies, its qualified technical sales team and the nonstop research for plants. The client is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

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- Suppliers of High Fashion Industry and luxury textile producers (both SMEs and large enterprises) - Textile raw material recoverers and recyclers

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The company is looking for partners in the following field: - Textile industry - Suppliers of textile material and clothing items (both SMEs and large enterprises) - Textile material recoverers and recyclers The client is particularly interested to meet partners from France, Nordic countries, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico. The company is offering a consultancy service for the LCA assessment and the optimization of the waste management through an outsourcing agreement or subcontracting agreement.


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Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden