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An Italian company that produces and markets furniture worldwide is looking for companies and artisans who produce any type of fire-related products for a distribution services agreement

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An Italian company with more than thirty years of experience in the sector of artisanal wood-burning ovens and in general in products created specifically for heating, cooking and smoking food, intends to expand its range of offerings and is looking for other companies' new products to be distributed under a distribution services agreement.



An Italian company with more than thirty years of experience in the field of artisanal wood-burning ovens, both for indoors and outdoors, would like to expand the range of products, offering other types of artifact related to fire such as stoves, barbecues, special types of fuel. With regards to fuels, the company is interested in everything related to stoves, barbecues and ovens, therefore: wood, pellets, briquettes. At this time it is not possible to establish the quantity, but they must in any case be fuels that can be sold in Italy, so as for example for pellets the ENplus ISO 17225-2 certification applies.
The company already produces and distributes products for private luxury residences and hotels: a range of exclusive products made in Sicily (Italy) with different collaboration partners such as local artisans, architects and interior designers. Now, the company is looking for products and companies that work in an artisanal way according to a coherent policy on the offerer vision and that would like to make their creations and their craftsmanship known overseas.
The sought partner can be a small and medium enterprise or an artisan interested in offering the requested products under a distribution services agreement In this case the Italian company wil act as a distributor to sell other companies' products and making available its experience and its network of contacts.

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The company would like to extend their "fire" section.Any type of product that has to do with fire will be of interest and taken into consideration. The sought products must be created specifically for heating, cooking, smoking food etc., such as stoves, wood-burning ovens, gas ovens, barbecues. The company is also looking for quality fuel for the afore mentioned products, such as wood, coal, pellets etc.

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The partner sought can be a small or medium enterprise or an artisan that produces the requested products. Thanks to a distribution services agreement the Italian company will act as a distributor to sell partners’ products in other markets in Europe and abroad. At this stage, the company does not seek exclusivity, but asks that any partners already have experience with exports in order to facilitate any sales and assistance. If, on the other hand, the partner's company is not yet represented in Italy, the proposer may be interested in having the exclusivity in the area.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250