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Italian company, producing dermo-cosmetic face and body cream based on natural formulations, is looking for distributors, importers and agents

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The Italian company produces medical devices and cosmetics, face and body creams and oils designed to combine natural ingredients in order to provide dermo-cosmetics and skin regenerating effects. The company is looking within the skin care products industry and parapharmacies for distributors, importers and commercial agents, to work under commercial agency or distribution agreements.



The Italian company is specialized in the production, marketing and sales of medical devices and cosmetics, face and body creams formulated of exclusively natural ingredients. Founded in 2012 in Abruzzo, central Italy, the company operates in the cosmetics, medical, pharmacy and parapharmacy fields.
The creams achieve great results in the fields of skin care, dermo-cosmetics, of the pre and postoperatory cosmetics and of intensive skin regeneration.
They are particularly indicated for all skins that, due to exposure to environmental polluting agents and to stressful situations (wounds, sunburns, surgical operations, scars, acne, etc.), need a high regenerating and lenitive help.
The products have a strong anti-inflammatory action (natural cortisone) without the side effects of traditional cortisone. The products are an adjuvant for dermatitis of various origins, psoriasis and insect bites and are also indicated in pre and post laser therapy, post carboxytherapy.
The products are composed of a high content of vegetable oils of which 75% organic EVO (extra virgin olive oil) combined for the rest of the formula with organic honey, beeswax and green tea catechins. Proposed creams are cold processed in order to preserve all active principles of the ingredients. They regenerate the natural protection barrier of the skin and stimulate intensively the cutaneous tautness and flexibility. The efficacy and tolerability of the products is confirmed by extensive scientific support literature as well as by the clinical experience of the doctors who prescribe company’s products to their patients.
The innovative formula contains high percentages of EVO, thus increasing skin’s hydration level without leaving it greasy. Active ingredients accelerate skin’s soothing, vitalize it immediately, calm intensively the skin and aid its recovery.
Moreover, one of the company’s cream is exclusively dedicated to the tattoo industry and is a specific cream for tattoos. Adjuvant in pre and post-tattoo treatment, it performs soothing, emollient, moisturizing, protective actions. It stimulates the formation of the epithelial tissue and intensifies its elasticity. It makes tattoos bright and defined, brightens up their colours and improves their features. With regular application it keeps them perfect over time.
Regarding its internationalisation strategy and growth plan, the company intends to start expanding its business abroad and is looking for companies related with the skin care, cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and parapharmaceutical industry able to distribute and promote their products on local markets. Preferred partners are distributors, importers and agents with extended knowledge of their regional distribution networks, willing to work under distribution services or commercial agency agreements.

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The cream is made of natural ingredients, helps the cutaneous regeneration and the new cells formation. The healing skin tissue regenerates itself better and becomes optically less visible. The products are realized in cold process in order to maintain the properties of the active principles contained by main ingredients. The products’ properties are also given by the high content of oils and their high degree of purity. Some of the proposed products are registered as 1st class medical devices in Italy.

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Distributors, importers and agents of skin care related products, beauty aid products. Skin care, cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics, parapharmaceutical or skin products related companies with good distribution/marketing networks. Preferred partners are those with previous experience in natural products with consolidated contacts with parapharmacies and pharmacies, tattoos companies, natural shops, franchising, beauty centers.